Changes to the Pet Passport for 2012

Discussion in 'Travel' started by happybonzo, Oct 11, 2011.

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  1. The rules for the Pet Passport are changing for 2012: From 1st January, you still have to have your animal vaccinated but do not have to have the blood test. You merely have to ensure that the vaccination is done a minimum of 21 days before you travel. You also have to ensure that the vaccination is recorded in a Pet Passport.
    No word on returning to the UK about the Tick and Tape treatment yet on the DEFRA website - so it looks like the French vets will still keep their nice little earner
  2. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Useful dit, ta. My beast is up for his rabies booster next year so no blood test means I'll save about 90 sovs.
  3. mwl946

    mwl946 LE Good Egg (charities)

    So long as rabies booster is given before the 3 years are up, there is no need for a repeat blood test.
    Good news indeed - our French vet charges 50 euros a time for a couple of worm tabs and some spot-on!! Hopefully responsible owners will be able to do this themselves in future.

    Get a bit p'eed off at having to pay for the mutt on the ferry, esp when he has to stay in the car. £30 to scan a microchip is a bit steep in my book. (For the record tho - Seafrance only charge £20)
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  4. That's why, even though my dog has the passport thingy, I won't be bothering and have friends look after her when I visit England!
  5. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Ta for that. Charges grip my shite as well. Eurotunnel charges 15 notes each way which is daylight robbery frankly, it's not as if they do anything if you know what I mean. I prefer the train because you can take the beast out and not leave him in a stuffy car some decks below. Trouble is, Doris likes going on the ferry 'because you can see stuff' but I really don't like leaving windows open on my car so said beast can breathe. I believe some ferries actually have kennels that you can stick your mutt in but not been on one of those yet.
  6. It seems that the Tick treatment will not be necessary from 1st January but will be an advisory

    The Tape worm treatment is a different matter. This is
    More gen HERE

    We used the Tunnel and when I told Mrs Bonzo that some Cod had just gone past the window she nearly threw one :)
  7. I wrote an email to Eurotunnel ref this and their exchange rates:
    And this was their 'answer':
    *******! :evil:
  8. Yes i've looked into this before and I didn't like the look of the 'kennels' I'll be going on the tunnel because of this.
  9. I've been awaiting this since I'd sedated my dog twice to let the vet get anywhere near him, first time Diazepam 20mg made him lose all inhibitions and he thought he could fight ten men. The seceond sedative Acepromazine worked and it's taken me six months to get the bloody passport back!
    I'd like to see a Vet get worming tablets in him though because I can't 'Drontal flavour' anyone hazard the guess of the flavour because they taste vile. If a dog swallows them they can't have any taste buds.
  10. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Building, heating and lighting my arse. Spaniel sits in the bloody car just like us mortal humans, sod all extra there. Training for staff? Here, read that and press this. Job done. The revenue they must make from the pets scheme must be quite substantial when you consider the costs of taking your pet is nearly two thirds of a weekend break for a CAR and X adults. Quick break in Belgium, £48. Extra person in your car? £0. Dog? Oooh lovely, that'll be £30 please.

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  11. Exactly my thoughts as well!

    It would be interesting if, as my g/f said, they did exactly the same for providing - by law - amenities for the disabled!
  12. They know they are on to a winner because you can stay with the dog and many owners would rather do that. Dog owners are likely to have money so they grab it, just the same as campsites charging extra.
  13. My mutt would sell her soul for a piece of cheese ergo I give her tablets in a little piece. :)
  14. Tried that and raw beef. Won't sit still for me to ram them down his throat either. I tried covering them in simple linctus which works fine for tablets that don't taste so horrible. It's hard to find out if other brands don't taste as bad.
  15. I don't know what the French vet gave Digger but it looked like a piece of chocolate. He wolfed it down