Changes to TA recruit training

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Purple_Emperor, Sep 21, 2006.

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  1. I hear huge changes are afoot - all centralised, 6 weekends in 3 months, back squadded if you cant make a weekend.

    Is this all rumours or can someone out there in arrseland enlighten us (and update the wiki!)
  2. as far as we are awareits going back to the old style 4 weekends then a 2 week cmsr and thats all. makes more sense as recruits now have more time to get their fittness up to scratch.
  3. Do the TA get training then? Sorry lads and lass's couldn't resist
  4. 1, Paperwork, selection and kit issue carried out by each Unit (Already under review and may go to RTC’s)
    2, Two weeks basic training at an ATR
    3, Four to six weekends (dependent on type of unit) with a Regional Training Centre
    4, Trade training ?????? (Infantry, Armour, Driver etc)

    Trade trained TA Private Soldier produced after 9-18 Months or at least that’s what Land are trying to put on the tin. :?
  5. As of October the new CMSR (TA) will follow this route.

    TAFS 1 (at unit level)

    TAFS 2 and either 4 or 7 weekend at local RTC depending on the status of the recruit i.e. OAAS or INf respectively

    Followed by either a two week CMSR or CIC(TA), again capbadge dependant
  6. spot on sad sacks

    Officers =

    paperwork and medical

    selection weekend at unit

    pre-commission course

    commission board

    PQO 1A = 2 weeks

    PQO2A = 2 weeks

    or a four weeker at sandhurst ?
  7. That's what I am doing, except I went from medical to pre-commissioning course. Didn't seem to have a selection weekend...

  8. Interview



    selection(must pass 1.5 miles in under 14 minutes)




    4 or 7 GAPS (must be done in order, or back squadded)

    2 weeks CMS(R)

    = Trained Soldier!

  9. I tell you what guys whoever is giving you this info they better get CDTd. There is nothing been 100% decided and it will be up to the Bde Commds what they do within the guidelines from CRF. Run timings B******S, TA Selection is spot on but not run at units either run at ASDCs or at RTC's.
    Ask me more I am involved.
  10. The bit in bold sounds *really* good, but I have no idea what it means.
  11. Go on then, we're fascinated...

    be very careful with what you say though because so far you are a long way away from getting it "spot on"
  12. Don't know if it's 'cap badge related' but ours sounds a whole lot more complex than that. There is even the opportunity for the sprogs to attend a 2 week course that will take account of all the pre-CMSR training, i.e. all the 1A1 - 1B1 training.

    It looks lovely and colourful on the nice A3 chart but I thinkit has been proposed by someone who has slipped through the CDT least once! :lol:
  13. What I'm currently going through is:

    Phase 1A (2 weekends RTC)
    Phase 1B (4 weekends RTC)
    Phase 1C (2 week CMSR)

    Then on to trade training.

    From what I've seen, those who are even newer are doing Phase 1A with their regiment, then going to mixed cap badge RTC for Phase 1B.
  14. Well that is exactly how it is being done in Jockland, better CDT the whole RTC then, eh?
  15. So, we've been doing wrong for the last five years guys, sorry.

    A quick question though, who has more authority, Bde Comders, CRF or Land?

    Run times, didn't I hear somthing about the RRR being done in 14 mins or under......

    (memo to self)throw away the CTP given to us by land.