Changes to push ups?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Goku, Aug 3, 2005.

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  1. I heard that the army is changing the way soldiers do push ups.
    Instead of push ups being done with hands beneath the shoulders, now the hands are allowed to be placed further out from the body.

    Is this true???
  2. its probably becuase they are sick of telling all the slack asses out there to do it properly, saveing vocal cord power for more serious shouting...
  3. coz the standard of soldier these days is WEAK :)
  4. As far as I'm aware, placing the hands further out from the body is the correct (and more difficult) way to do it, if the aim is to exercise the chest muscles. Placing your hands under your shoulders would bring the triceps into play, which would make the exercise easier.

  5. Don’t agree with you there, I find them harder with my hands under my shoulders, I can always push out another 20 or so with my hands further out.
  6. It depends on which way you train, if you're used to press-ups with the hands further away then you can do more in that position, likewise if you're used to the current position then you can do more like that.
  7. Anyone have a definite answer on this one as i have a test in 12 days!?
  8. Just do what I do, and start off with your hands under your shoulders. As soon as the PTI moves away, move your hands out to make it easier and do as many as you can until he comes back. You may need to threaten your partner with the dire consequences of what you will do to him if he tries to bubble you, but it works for me every time. This is most effective if, once you've finished, you then go and shout at the juniors to ensure they are doing their push-ups properly.
  9. Even better , threaten whoever is counting to make it 72 regardless of how many you do.
  10. luvly jubbly! thanks for the ideas!

    Anyone actually have any idea if they have changed it though?