Changes to pay when mobilised

The MOD has just published a consultation document which suggests scrapping RSA & RHA and simply matching civilian pay up to a ceiling - irrespective of rank. It also includes changes to what employers get.

There's a link from the Sabre site -

At last ! What was obvious to most of us within 5 minutes of reading the details in 1996 has finally filtered through to the powers that be. Only took a decade.

It may even save money as the bureaucracy associated with administering the hardship allowance must be horrendous. Soldiers I know who've applied for it have to send off a huge heap of papers, then if they don't like the numbers thay can send in more info and get the whole thing looked at again ... I know of one chap who only agreed the numbers after he'd been demobilised.

And it will also allow the TA to know exactly what they'll get when mobilised so they can properly plan their financial arrangements.

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