Changes to PAM21 Imminent?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Logmeister, Aug 11, 2010.

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  1. Chaps,

    heard on the jungle drums that the RASP format is changing and that we're going to be asked to implement the new format before the PAM21 ammendment. Anyone know what the new format looks like?
  2. ....with the RASP being the main document and annexes being the admin instruction and the conducting notes for the shoots, or is that the one you use already?
  3. Just the main document - heard there's something about signing off on whether a recce has been done or not and getting additional signatures to approve the RASP. May it's just a real rumour...
  4. great, more work.
  5. I wouldn't go about implementing anything until the amendment is officially released, even if you're lucky enough to get eyes on, early doors.

    Until/unless it's in the PAM, it doesn't happen! Minimises accountability from the RCO if they do everything according to the most up-to-date PAM (and amemendments).
  6. Its just been feckin ammended!!

    On the other side, arnt all military reports suppose to be signed by the creator, then if the creator is not an officer, authancated (sp?) by a rupert? Some JSP 101 bollocks?

    But back to the subject, i've not heard about another ammendment as of yet..
  7. ANOTHER AMMENDMENT??????? why not do it right the first time, I am getting sick of "there has been an ammendment to the pam ....." and every time I try and book a range all I get from the range warden is "May I see your fully ammended pam .... this is missing the most recent ammenedment ...." i understand that they are doing what they have been told and most do try and help (there is a brilliant one down in Bulford, SHE is first class, best help and support that I have ever had) but there are those bitter and twisted ones who do try and block you at every impass .... not mentioning any names but I am thankful that I will never have to return to fingringhoe .....

  8. I was forwarded an e-mail on with what appears to be the afore mentioned changes, title changes, 'Safe Place' etc the thing is I haven't seen any official instruction to use them, so does anyone know what's the score on this? is there an e-mail from SASC doing the rounds?
  9. As the RCO, if something went very wrong during your range and you ended up in a courtroom having to defend yourself, would you want to try the 'some bloke on Arrse told me to use this new format...' defence? Until I'm formally given/told to use any new versions I will only use the latest official document, as Cavalier said.
  10. Same here hence asking if anyone has seen the official instruction.