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I have just completed the AOSB briefing and, with help from these forums, was prepared enough for a Cat 1. With this in mind I would like to give a heads up about the MAP tests. At the end of the first day four groups were volunteered to be guinea pigs for a new system of tests. They are still on the computers and the changes are mostly aesthetic but there are some important ones. The verbal tests were almost identical to the old system tests we did earlier that day. Everyone at the briefing agreed that the abstract tests were much harder and generally more complex; I would recommend doing more practice on these. The numeric tests were also slightly harder as it was a calculator paper.

I don't know when these new tests will replace the old ones but I would prepare for a calculator paper just in case.

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Hi Trouble@mill,

Thanks for the heads up. I was wandering if you know what sort of maths skills I should work on for my upcoming briefing? Thanks.

If you need to do more than an hours practice for each MAP test then maybe the army's not for you; they are fairly straight forward. Have a quick look at some papers maybe but the main focus should be managing your time in the test. If maths isn't your strong point focus on the speed distance time stuff as you are put through your paces on that in the interviews and plan ex as well as the MAP test.

Good luck!
I've just come back from briefing and they cancelled the evening guinea pig tests on us - no idea why (but changes are still looking likely)
My report said my MAP test results showed I was above average intelligence (not bragging; I'm going to describe how I found them bearing in mind I'm apparently relatively clever).
The verbal reasoning was pretty straightforward. Have a quick practise online so you know what to expect - they say not to make assumptions on things you might already know. They have passages about things that you're unlikely to know a lot about; if you do have background knowledge, don't let in interfere. They want you to say if something is true, false or not able to tell purely based on the text in front of you.
Abstract test was also fine; the pattern was obvious in all but the last two for me. Could be that the arrows are all pointing one way or there is a small shape inside a big shape. Also have a quick practise so you can see the type of patterns that come up regularly.
Finally, the maths. Every person in my group came out of the maths freaking out about it and how they didn't finish the test. We came to the conclusion that not many people actually finish it. I found that the questions weren't actually difficult (percentages, multiplications, speed/distance/time stuff) but I just couldn't do them any quicker. I got to question 8 and still passed so don't panic.

Good luck - you'll be fine.

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