Changes to LOA July 2021


People getting less money always raises complaints, I doubt anyone would like it. But for the majority of people it would have any influence on them staying or going.
Perhaps depending on where the individual is on their career path. Quite a few people in their last couple of years and using it as a sunshine saving tour ready to get out. Horses and courses I suppose.
At my posting, LOA is ~£1000 a month for a singly. More than enough to live on and many bang their whole wage into savings/stocks/crypto so it's a decent little earner over a few years.

Agreed that people probably wouldn't use it as a go/no go criteria but the possible threat of a cut in the rate is ruffling a few feathers.
People are unlikely to no go on loss of LOA, but those on a balance point, LOA being the thing keeping them in, are going to be more likely to leave.

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