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Discussion in 'Officers' started by error_unknown, Mar 27, 2006.

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  1. I have heard on the grapevine that all LEs are going to be offered IRC(LE). At the moment all LEs start on SSC(LE) and have to apply for conversion. Does anyone know anything else or is it all just scuttlebut/wishful thinking?
  2. Certain Corps have already been briefed,
    All SSC (LE) will be offered IRC (LE) as at the 01 Apr 06.
    In future all WO will be automatic IRC (LE) and SNCO will initially be SSC (LE)
    Not sure if it is across the board, or if it is a recruitment/retention tool in specific targeted Arms/Corps
  3. Is that the same as LE's options as DE's, i.e. command appointments etc not just stores. If you can answer that, whats the difference between DE's and PQO's options
  4. Shooting from the hip:
    I personally think it’s a carrot to entice pension earned people to commit to LE, specifically now LE’s are expected to fulfil more roles i.e. certain SO3 posts. Don’t know army wide stats, however, certain Corps have had recent worries over numbers of LE applicants.
    Employment to 50 is far more attractive than an extra 6 years with another hoop to jump through.
  5. CAARPS,

    Any idea on which Corps are involved?
  6. CAARPS,

    Any idea on which Corps are involved?
  7. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    Interesting thread, I have no desire to prostitute my self to convert (As I have seen with many LE’s). But if this is the case then it is a more attractive option than the extended career.

    I will watch this thread with interest!
  8. Had a dig around today. 2 Corps (at least) have briefed on the possibility, and at least 1 Corps that has informed its LE community it’s happening as of 01 Apr 06 (1st April !!!!!!!!!!). I am prepared to PM anyone who requires further detail.
  9. If this is happening at 01 apr 06 then why does no-one seem to have any paper work about it-
  10. there are also moves afoot to open up full Col and above to suitable LEs for certain appointments
  11. There is a reference to this on MS's Newsletter dated Jan 06:

    I have not seen anything else.

    I understand that approx 45% of LEs who leave 'prematurely' do so because the SSC(LE) doesn't offer enough job security in comparison to an IRC(LE).
  12. Are you sure about that (my bold). I'm told certain Corps are refusing LE unless WO.
  13. 'Twas always thus-depended on the corps in question
  14. This is quite a contentious issue. I have recently phoned my MCM Div (I think you can probably guess which one by my name) with regard to this question. I have been told that it will almost certainly happen, however it has not been endorsed by DM(A) and therefore not promulgated. Yet, all of my Really Large Corps LE friends have received a personal letter from their MCM Div SO1 saying that they will convert to IRC on 1 Apr 06. So, we have MCM Divs with opposing views on an Army wide policy!!!! Confused!! Bottom line is I think it is going to happen however.......some MCM Divs are being cautious and some are being very open and honest.....isn't that nice to see!
  15. Sorry to those that have asked questions, I have been away, however, the plot thickens.
    I can definitely confirm that instructions have been promulgated (by certain Corps) stating that what I have already posted has been confirmed by DM(A), however, apparently there has been murmurings of discontent at certain levels of command and there appears to be a bit of back tracking at the moment.

    It will be interesting if someone who has been informed (in writing) and made a pension decision on that information is subsequently told Oops!

    With regard to SNCO being SSC(LE), I was referring to those Corps that commission from SNCO, I am not aware of any suggested changes to individual Corps policies with regard to rank, for example the RE will still only commission from WO1.

    Apparently LE Lt Col have been shadow boarded with a view for Col selection for the last couple of years, a whole new can of worms in the making !!!!!!!