Changes to car insurance group ratings

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Feb 22, 2007.

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  1. :D Not too bad for me then
  2. The old renault laguna (le snail) is looking good, the evo will stay in the garage for playtime.
  3. Nightmare, my new Range Rover is going to get taxed to feck!

    This may be selfish but I see a 4x4 or large estate as an insurance policy against the idiots on our roads. I firmly believe that I will be involved in an accident in the future (only 1 bad one in a fiat 126 as a student) and I want to walk away alive.
  4. The report says the 1-20 insurance groups have not kept up with car technology since 1992. Utter shite. A car is a car is a fcuking car, what's difficult FFS?

    I can see this as more money in the pocket of the insurance companies thus more dosh in Brown's coffers. Me, cynical? Well the 1-50 groups are not designed to save you money if that's what you're thinking!
  5. Hmmm, I can see me getting royally shafted then!! Should I switch to an more economical car? (No, I don't drive a 4x4)

    No fcuking chance!! :D
  6. Taxing people this was causes a wider division between rich and poor, the have and have nots and will only alienate from each other the so called working and upper classes.

    If global warming and the future of this planet is so much in jeapordy then why are car manufacturers not forced to make 0.5 to 1.0 litre cars? A 1.0 litre can can be quick, frugal, hi-tech, a good load carrier and sporty so why the big cars? Most manufacturers have a V8 petrol in their range. Really only load hauling HGV etc. need that extra power.

    We know the answer, revenue, that is what is really important.
  7. Bollox, people are not that poor if they can afford a car.

    Its all a matter of choice and a free market economy, this allows a full choice, but if you want the gucci stuff you have to pay gucci prices.
  8. Yeeessss but we are looking at INSURANCE groups here, not taxes.

    However, as the proud owner of what I now discover has become a Group 42 car maybe the difference is academic.
  9. I'm talking about the make, size and performance of car as a social statement. Who needs a 4WD Porsche Cheyanne? It's nonsense. If the world is in such bad shape then why are they being made and driven when smaller cars do the same job and produce less polution? It's a simple predicament dingerr, with a simple solution. Don't make big cars.

    Also, free market? Then it shoulddn't be if it's supposedly melting the ice caps.

    I own and drive a 3.5 V8 and will hammer it all day long because I don't really care. But it's those that declare that they do care about global warming that (I mean the Govt.) are not setting the right example. We have the predicament that MPs are ferried around in V8 Jags yet I have a bar code on my wheelie bin? What's going on?
  10. Well who needs cars at all then, back to the pony and trap under that argument.

    You're whole viewpoint appears to be based around the fact that you own a large motor and you will have to pay through the nose for it.

    Lets say they follow your lead and ban large powerful vehicles. I take it we won't see you moaning on here when they come and confiscate your motor with no recompense?

    Its a good decision i think, it allows people the choice and makes them aware of their responsibilities. Nothing opens peoples eyes better than when opening their wallet.

    When i return to the UK i will get as powerfull car as i can balanced with the cost of running it and i won't be moaning about it. Meanwhile i will be motoring around in the 4 and a bit litre monster because petrol and insurance is as cheap as chips across here. Just don't spill any oil or your fecked.
  11. dingerr, you miss my point. Look, if the Govt. and other countries suddenly ban large vehicles I will gladly give up mine. But to tax everyone to the hilt is unfair. It does nothing for global warming does it?

    And people being aware of their responibilities? Again, no one's really making any impact or really gives a damn otherwise we'd all be down the car dealers ordering 1.0 cars so don't give me that awareness balls.
  12. They are not taxing everyone to the hilt though. The more impact you make the more you pay i think its perfectly fair as lomg as they tighten up on some of the laws and detection methods for people who avoid tax and insurance.
  13. Walking away dead would be a helluva trick!