Changes needed in Quartering rules?

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by in_the_cheapseats, Feb 21, 2006.

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  1. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    40% of UK children born out of wedlock

    Here's an interesting statistic from the BBC today. I wonder how many kids "out of wedlock" we green folk contribute to the UK population? 8O

    Currently, as a soldier you qualify for paternity leave (you have a commitment to the child after all) but don't bother asking for housing (it can't be that important to you as you would have married her/him, right?). How many on this forum would co-habit but don't because marriage is a step too far or have been bitten badly before?

    With the lack of financial incentives (God bless Gordon) and with the changes to society in the way it looks at marriage, I think there needs to be a grown up look at qualifying rules for quarters.

    I like the Australian system where unmarried partners can qualify for the same rights as a married couple for quartering.

    To qualify they use proof of long term commitment rather than marriage or civil partnership and the CO signs it off.

    As far as I am concerned, the same rights should be accorded to long term partners as to our newly quartered homosexual members......

    MODs-if this is better placed in RHQ then please move accordingly
  2. We'd need to have more Quarter's first.......... there doesn't seem to be enough to house all the MARRIED couples with/without children let alone those who for what ever reason haven't taken the legal step and got married!
  3. About 8 years ago, a new rule was introduced that single parents would be entitled to MQ's and theat their Marital Status could be 2.
    When I went to the RAO to change my MS to 2, I didn't need a MQ as I owned my own home, guess what. You cannot change your MS to 2 as a single parent because......... you are a man. The fact the childs mother lived with me at the time was the reason given why no MS2 could be given. I did staff a case along the lines of my child was living with me and his mother in a stable family environment yet a female could be given the MS even if not living with the father of the child or not even knowing who the father of the child was. The answer given was that MS2 would be given to the parent who claimed the CB.
  4. Whilst I can accept that more and more people are co-habituating and the idea of sex and children before marriage is happening more and more this is a bad idea. In my case Mrs Dougal is expecting our first nipper very soon (5 weeks) and we both co-habit in our own shared house (Naughty for a priest, but hey hoe its better than abusing children).

    What we have to realise especially with quarters, is that if quarters are going to be issued to non married partners, then there will be an element that will blatantly take the urine, i.e. like "on the Bus, off the bus" except "march in the quarter, march out the quarter" Relationships lasting 2 weeks, all the hassle for the estate people, marching in and then marching out, at least with marriage you a much secure grounding and commitment.

    Not least of all as someone else put it where do we get the extra quarters?

    How do we prove that a relationship is worthy of a quarter, do we take the applicants word for it, do we have to be over a certain age/rank to apply for it. There will be too many flaws in the system if it were ever to take off.
  5. My brother is all kinds of pregnant at the moment and him and his girlfriend are having to take the 'quick fix' solution in order to ensure they can be together when the child is born.

    It's hardly ideal and certainly isn't how they intended to have a child, but then the system is hardly set up in their favour to reflect the changing patinas of parenting and relationships.

    More housing allows the potential for many problems to be addressed, but it all depends on how rapidly The Powers That Be take up the idea. They were quick enough in embracing the civil partnership scheme, so why not unwed parents?
  6. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Says a lot about what you think about the sanctity of marriage :D I think you might meet one of my criteria!

    The aussie rules are strict and need supporting paperwork and evidence (such as shared principle bank accounts) before a CO will sign off.

    The aussies do use a housing allowance system where individuals are given money to rent from the civilian market and may add to that amount as long as the quarter meets the rules.

    Do we think we are ever again going to have enough Qs? I have enough friends using hirings that suggest overwise and with sell off continuing of the best Qs around the country by the civilian companies who administer them, I would be happier getting the money from source rather than building the profit margins of the tossers we "employ" to look after us.

    edited once for emphasis
  7. A marriage/civil partnership certficate....... nuff said!
  8. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    No - that has a legal staus. Aus doesn't ask for that - just proof of long term commitment
  9. Having opened and closed and changed names of many a "Joint Bank Account" during my working day I don't think in the culture we have in the UK that's a very good example of a long term commitment........ and sadly neither is children.

    No matter how the "rules" are drawn up there will always be people who aren't happy with the way it works out, and someone somewhere will always be excluded and feel hard done by.
  10. Things will change in the future, what gets me and it's not just the Army its everywhere, we go and join a place of work that has rules and regulations(policies & procedures) and as soon as it does not suit us we whine and want it changed for own purposes, I am the same actually.

    so why do we whine about other races/religions coming to UK and want the system to change to suit them?

    it just made me think a bit thats all.... sorry for being off topic slightly, just accept the rules that were there in place when you signed up until they are changed
  11. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator


    I do and a change in rules would not alter things for me but would for the ever increasing number of all ranks I have that are in this type of position. My view is that it will become more pronounced as we move to static home bases for units and the ability to form longer term relationships occurs.

    I thought the reason we debated points to see if changes are needed, not just to winge or all those that write to Soldier magazine in the wrong :wink:

    Sometimes progress needs a nudge.

    edited cause i cant speel
  12. The one thing that grips my shi'ite about housing is how it is allocated. A few years ago it was stated that housing is allocated according to rank, time in service etc. There was a WO2 near where I live (he had been in the army some 18 years) who had been dumped into a small flat. He had no children so he couldn't get a larger house. Then there was an officer who got married ( a second Lt who had been in the army a little over two years) who got a three bedroom detached housed. She had no children so whats the difference? I know theres the whole priviledge of rank thing but surely after 18 years service and being a WO2 you should get something a little better than a 2 bed flat.
  13. I know loads of blokes that are in stable, long term relationships who have children and their own shared home, joint mortgage, joint bank accounts all the same except they don't have the marrige certificate, they are not allowed to claim any allowances such as MUSA and reduced rates of food and accom, i also know of a bloke who is over 37 has children, a house etc no marrige certificate though and is not allowed to claim the over 37 package.

    However, if these blokes were in ssame sex civil parterships then the Government would bend over backwards to give them every befefit under the sun.

    Before anyone comes back with the point that male and female can get married and get the priviliges, but the blokes i refer to have either been married before and don't want to do it again or they feel that they don't want to be forced into a marriage just because the Army says so.

    Will now wait for the incoming.


    edited because i must have used my thumbs to type some of the words.
  14. I think that it is time that we returned to some values.Lets cut all this c*ap about equal rights for gays etc.Return to the good old days.If you are married to an opposite sex person you qualify for a quarter,if not tough!
  15. Just one word for you then .