Changes in the soldier to officer selection process?

Someone mentioned to me that there are going to be changes in the selection process for serving TA soldiers who want to become TA officers.

Apparently the objective is to make Westbury quicker for those who are already in as soldiers by offering exemptions from some of the activities (medical, fitness?) assuming that the solider has already passed them at unit level.

I realise that this could be bs, or that the actual changes may be totally different from what I have mentioned. Does anyone know anything about this?
Can't remember the exact details, but there is something along those kind of lines in the pipeline. I shall check (provided it wasn't a closed email)
1. Academic Qualifications; All officer candidates require the same
minimum qualifications to be considered for a commission. These are
listed in DIN, 2007DIN02-001 released in Jan 07 for Regular officers and
2007DIN02-063 for TA officers. The TA soldier and Regular soldier are
the same and the civilian/UOTC are the same. The difference has been
that AOSB has required written confirmation for weekday boards and not
for weekends. From now photocopies of all academic results, certified by
the unit or ACA are to be provided to AOSB. For serving soldiers JPA
qualifications print-out is also acceptable.

3. Security Clearance - Regular and Territorial soldiers are to be
cleared by the unit. For civilians, including UOTC, if the candidate has
not been cleared previously 1109 is to be raised by UOTC/sponsor and
then processed by us . If this is the case then units/UOTCs must NOT
fill in pages 19-21.

4. Medicals: Presently, civilian candidates, including UOTC, attend the
AOSB Medical Centre, whilst for soldiers (Regular and Territorial) it is
acceptable to provide an up to date PULHHEEMS. There is a plan to bring
all medicals into line, however it is still being staffed and once
agreed the new procedures will be circulated.

All the staff at AOSB are fully aware of these enhancements and are able
to offer advice.

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