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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Hunter1, May 3, 2012.

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  1. Hi yall, I'm wondering if any one knows what the hell is happening with medicals in the TA?? I did my medical in Mid March and the results came back that I'm fit for deployment but then the Recruiting SM is saying cos of some change in policy in april I'm probably gonna have to redo my medical!!!! What the hell like I've already spent one bl**dy wasted day standing around doing nothing for hours, I'm not looking forward to doing it over again.
  2. In which case you might not enjoy being in the Army
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  3. I know I've heard that from every single serving soldier and officer I've met but its just its something that shouldn't have to happen if someone with a bit of brains in command figured out we've already done our medical and made us an exception to the new policy. It's just frustrating like but I know it's just the way the army is and I still wanna join.
  4. If there has been a change in policy then somone, somewhere has probalby drawn a line and said 'anyone who had it done before this date, carry on normal recruiting, anyone after that date, start again'

    Life is hard, and then you die (possibly in an horrific road traffic incident, but equally possibly is in the home where many accidents occur)

    now dry your eyes princess, trot off to the Dr and get it all done again. Welcome to the British Army - an organisation that can send thousands of troops round the world but can't manage with one person going in the oppsite direction.
  5. Is this a pre-deployment medical or a recruitment medical ?
  6. "Y'all"?


    "Doing it over"?

    Are you sure you're in the TA not the USNG :wink:
  7. There has indeed been some changes in the medical process but anyone who was already in the system prior to April can carry on under the old system as long as they are passed selection before july 31st. they call it grandfather rights. The new system requires all RG8's to be screened at ADSC's. A process we were told would take 3 days actually takes about 3 weeks before we get the cleared applicants RG8 back so we can book them onto the next available selection.

    Along with medical there have been changes in interview process (4 separate interviews), Speaking+Listening assessments, barb,basic skills and IDST are all to be completed before selection.

    TA recruiting teams were informed of these changes being brought in roughly a week before we were supposed to implement them. We are still playing catch up.

    At the same time we were informed of ACIO's being closed and BRAT teams being cut.

    Dont you just love the army?
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  8. CJM

    CJM Old-Salt

    I take it that this is 31st July 2012?
  9. Cheers fusilier50. But do you know if the new interviews will affect anyone who has already done their interview 1+2 including the barb
  10. there is no reason for you to repeat any of the interviews as long as theyve been entered onto the database. thats down to your recruiting staff. if theyve only got a paper copy then it needs to be tansferred to the database. if all the boxes on the database are ticked then you are good to go.Your recruiter will be allowed to waive some of the interviews and tests but only until the end of July when these rights will be removed.

    all these "new" systems are only actually new to the TA bringing us in line with the regular recruitment.Its a hell of a lot more work for the TA recruiters and i know of some that are struggling. Its bound to have a knock on effect on recruiting and there are signs already of numbers booked on selection events falling off as they are blocked from attending til all the stages are completed.

    The new systems are going to make the application process 3 times longer than it was already. Its going to be even worse if you've got former service.

    as i said if you were already on the system before april then you are the lucky ones.Just make sure you get onto a selection event before the end of july