Changes in Royal Signals Trade Structure - Effects!?!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Double_Agent, Sep 1, 2006.

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  1. Below are some extracts from SOinC Corps Liaison Notes - May 2006:

    1. CS Op (RS & AS merge) training is set to commence onwards from Oct 06.

    2. Plans to grow Spec Op are developing well and is on track to be implemented in 2007. They will be specifically trained for discrete employment in 14 (EW), JSSO or EOD roles.

    3. An amalgamation of Sys Eng Tech and IS Engr to create a Single Engineer Roster is being prepared for introduction in 2008.

    4. Support Trades' (RS Electrician and RS Drive Linemen) role and level of training is expected to change. Storemen will have improved level of training but it will be difficult to sustain current strength of 300 in the long term.

    How will this influence soldiers in the Corps?

    Views are most welcome...

  2. Isn't that ICS Op? Jack of all trades, master of none
  3. far to early to say!

    but i'd guess life will go on the same just with different names.
  4. Polar is correct it will be far to early to tell. However the powers that be need to take into consideration some very important facts.

    Training being very important. Do you train the new trade to do all that is required of it across the broadbreadth of units or do you train them to a minimum standard and have the tradesman (person sorry) do in unit training or attend specific courses at Blandford for the unit they are to be posted to?

    Both are reasonable arguements. However I think it will come down to cost as always. To train the tradesman across the full extent of skills reqired in the corps would take too long for todays accoutants. Therefore I think they would opt for the minimum/basic trade time and then train as required. So would this work? Could units train in house? I personally don't think so. With units so busy and overstretched due to ongoing operational and normal work requirements, units are hard pressed in keeping soldiers up to date in ATDs let alone train junior tradesman on unit specific equipment.

    Could MCM Div actually pull the white rabbit out of the hat and get the right person to Blandford before posting to a specific unit in order that the the person gets the uplift in training required to serve with that particular unit. Mmmm again I think not. Having had to deal with getting soldiers on Class 1/ Education courses etc etc, it is a nightmare even when they are not on Ops and should be back doing career course etc.

    Therefore that would mean a posting then the course... I read into that half a posting in a unit not trained so actually not that much use, then a course followed by half a posting, now a usefull bloke but having to catch up on what the kit actually does and what the SOPs for that unit are.

    Therefore IMHO it will not work and in 20 years time they will split the trades down again to ease training requirements.

    Fcuk me I could save the Corps millions..............
  5. On past performance it will be a change of trade in name funding for those past the class one stage to train for changed responsobilities.
    and by the time the first of the new trade have come through to class one they will move the goal posts again
  6. On past performance it will be a change of trade in name funding for those past the class one stage to train for changed responsobilities.
    and by the time the first of the new trade have come through to class one they will move the goal posts again
  7. I feel sorry for those IS Engineers who have to amalgamate with the Techs. The IS Engineers didn't get their rank on a plate and therefore they will be slightly behind in the promotion ladder.
  8. When AS and RS Op were created, did the entrance requirement move up to that of the high pay band trades?
  9. How can they grow them? They're supposed to live in the dark!

    I reckon you're fishing for a bite. :wink:
  10. will RS operators get their HGV licence out of this?
  11. No idea what the fook you lot are talking about but Relay Ops rule the fookin waves!!!!

    RADIO RELAY - God's Trade!
  12. Wija72

    No son, I am afraid you are sadly mistaken. That was the RTG not the RR Op.

    Bottom marks again, detention and lines for you me young scamper!
  13. Hooray for the 20th century.
  14. As techs are supposed to be the highly inteligent membes of the corp how will the training be changed to allow the less intelligent(so called) IS ops to pass the ourse. On the basis of intelligence and that nly the clever ones can be techs either tachs will recieve easier training or IS ops will be pushed further. The latter only serves to the benefit of techs as the IS ops are supposedly not intelligent enough to keep up. Yet again people who left trades to go IS opto further there careers seem to be pushed into yet another black hole
  15. I can't argue with that.

    I think the slippery slope started with AS Ops, but I'm old and bitter so I'll just get my coat!