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I don't know how many of you out there actually vote but based on my current experience as a junior rank voter apathy in the Army is incredibly high.
Last week I decided it was about time I registered to vote. The current system whereby you register to vote in a constituancy where you grew up in or previously lived in leaves most service voters isolated. Whilst they have the vote for that community they are not part of that community. During election time much literature and information simply doesn't reace the service man or women serving abroad or simply out of the area. How can we possibly make an informed decision when all the information is not within out reach?
You could go even a step further and point to the guys and girls on active opertions in Iraq and Afghanistan. These are the people doing the direct bidding of the goverment and the current system just does not accomodate them at all. Postal voting is out of the question due to the deadlines and slow postal service and proxy voting is tantamount to handing your vote to somone else. How are these people going to research who to vote for aswell? The little time that they have to use internet and phone isn't used for researching prospective MPs but for contacting family, and rightly so!
I would like to see a system in place whereby you have an alternative to voting for an MP in a local constituancy, you can vote for a service MP! People are always talking about the 'Service Community' so how about recognise this community as a constituancy in its own right.
Servicemen would have the option to use their vote in a local election like normal if for instance their family lived there or they owned a house there or you could elect for your vote to be counted torwards prospective candidates representing the Army, or the Services as a whole.
This is beneficial because it gives the services a person in parliment representing their views and putting pressure on the MoD and Secretary for Defence. Voicing soldiers opinions and fighting for the best interests of the soldier at all times.
This system would mirror the normal system whereby the MoD acts as the local goverment, making all the executive decisions and the MP acting in our best interests and pressurising the goverment.
I must stress that this isn't a vote for the Secretary of Defence but a seperate MP who just represents the views of servicemen. In fact, they would have no real power over the military. They just act a political pressure valve for a system which has to be strictly non-political!
It would be most helpful guys if you could give me some feedback on what I have purposed here. Also I would be more then happy to answer and questions.



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