Changes at Glasgow ???

Hi, can anyone please help dispell any rumours or lies and confirm any recent changes at Glasgow ? i only ask, because rumour control has it that a certain desk clerk has "left" and has been replaced by someone who once sat in the same seat.
I have resorted to asking this question on here, as there is another part to this rumour which i would like revealing/resolving and the CoC is not helping at all and i am in no position to phone glasgow and enquire.
something got to do with the tech ac asclb results being delayed? or am i just winding up the rumour mill? incidentally congrats to those who came off the board, I am only a wee bit bitter. :)
Anyone got any inside info on the aircraft results? I was told on Thursday (29th) that the results won't be out until the 10th/11th November due to "a technical issue". However I have just found out through Facebook that a person that I know has been loaded. I am currently working with the Navy (for my sins!) and am worried that I may be left "out of the loop" so to speak.
Tech AC board results are out! After my urine taking I need to apologise to you crazy cos your name is on it. It looks like they are removing that broken spine of yours. oh and a collegue of yours picked up too surname begins with B. congrats man!

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