Changes at Glasgow ???

Discussion in 'REME' started by milkybarkid31, Oct 29, 2009.

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  1. Hi, can anyone please help dispell any rumours or lies and confirm any recent changes at Glasgow ? i only ask, because rumour control has it that a certain desk clerk has "left" and has been replaced by someone who once sat in the same seat.
    I have resorted to asking this question on here, as there is another part to this rumour which i would like revealing/resolving and the CoC is not helping at all and i am in no position to phone glasgow and enquire.
  2. what desk? initals??? whats the rumours come on spill!! :D
  3. something got to do with the tech ac asclb results being delayed? or am i just winding up the rumour mill? incidentally congrats to those who came off the board, I am only a wee bit bitter. :)
  4. Anyone got any inside info on the aircraft results? I was told on Thursday (29th) that the results won't be out until the 10th/11th November due to "a technical issue". However I have just found out through Facebook that a person that I know has been loaded. I am currently working with the Navy (for my sins!) and am worried that I may be left "out of the loop" so to speak.
  5. Crazy, you sure you want this course, you'll only end up broken, or like SDK
  6. crazy already is broken, he is like samuel L jackson in unbreakable :)
  7. Tech AC board results are out! After my urine taking I need to apologise to you crazy cos your name is on it. It looks like they are removing that broken spine of yours. oh and a collegue of yours picked up too surname begins with B. congrats man!