Changed my cap badge

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by DonnyLad, Mar 24, 2009.

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  1. I didn't realise how easy it was to change your cap badge. I went in to my ACIO on Friday to discuss other options with my CA and it was done there and then.

    The only slight hiccup I had was that I didn't have the qualifications needed for the job role I'd changed to but my CA has managed to get me shaded for it so I can go along with it anyway.

    Has anybody else changed their cap badge and found it really easy?

    Also, is anyone else currently applying for Comms Systems Engineer?

    Many Thanks :)
  2. What was your original choice and what did you change too?
    Also what grade did you need and what did you have?
    Whats was your BARB score?

    Reason i ask is it gives poeple an idea of what can possibly be shaded.
  3. Ah yeh good idea mate..

    Well my original job choice was Combat Medical Technician and I've changed to Communcations Systems Engineer.

    For the CMT I didn't need any qualifications but for Comms Systems Engineer I need Maths, Science and English Language all at a C or better. I was lacking the English Language grade though.

    My BARB score was 83. I got Level 2 on Numeracy Basic Skills and Level 1 on Literacy Basic Skills

    Hope this helps..
  4. Wow, you sound like me haha.

    I originally walked in saying I want to be CMT also. Ended up changing to, Comms System Engineer haha! Only, I was lacking the C in Science but I had a GNVQ in ICT, so I got shaded too!

    I have Installation Tech as my second option, but really want CSE. I've been practicing my maths a fair bit. Apparently CSE has the highest TST score requirement of 35/55. I have my ADSC on the 7th of April!
  5. thats what im going to be (hopefully) providing my medical gets aprooved (again hopefully)
  6. Yeah its pretty easy to change capbadge before going to ADSC, also its not that hard to change once you are in training either, I know a few lads that have done it
  7. You'll be forever changing your cap badge in the R Signals. Jimmy doesn't half have a weak leg - with that and him giving the finger, lots of chances for breakages.

    Oh....that's not what you meant...???

    Good luck - from a fellow Donny lad - only I did my selection about 28 years ago.....