Change...when will it start, when will this BS end?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by slashface, Jul 13, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,

    Been lurking round here for a while but only re-registered recently.....

    I figured, with all the pent up anger I have in me, and being fed to daily by the media we see everyday in papers and TV, and the posts and info updates here, it's time we started asking some questions and doing something about it....
    Figured this would be a good place to start.....

    Change in the UK these last few years has been totally and utter shoite. Nu Liarbores, health and safety and PC gone totally mad, country not being able to feed and clothe it's own, yet give billions to illegal immigrants, army supporting gay pride parades, chavs, not being able to feel safe at home, (these are just recent additions), fuel prices, rich getting richer and our lads dying for king and country working for PITTANCE.....

    It's gotta stop guys, and soon.

    I've been asking the question for ages: "Who is out there to start this? Who can we turn to to change all that is inherently wrong with our country/system of government/family values"?
    Who has the power and influence to stand up for what is (was?) right? Certainly not our political leaders who's main concern seems to be the feathering of their own nest eggs to ensure they have greed and power in the future.....

    Viva la revolution? We've gotta get it started, and soon....
  2. brettarider

    brettarider On ROPs

    I'll bring the pitchforks and arrange for the outrage bus to be outside yours at say...10.00 on Thurs if that's OK?
  3. Haha, Well, that's a start but I think an Angry Mob mentality is not what I was looking for....

    This all relates to stuff in other posts (stuff that grips your shoite et al), and I really believe we need to start acting on this, in a legal way of course, but I feel it has to happen soon.....

    Or perhaps this is just another rant and it'll all be better once I get a cold one in my belly?

    Either way, I had to say something, at least it gives me a starting point.....
  4. Revoloution hmm who will do a risk assessment for that sounds like a big job but my cousin has a job lot of high vis jackets going cheap so we should be ok for them
  5. brettarider

    brettarider On ROPs

    But I'd look more menacing in a donkey jacket with a PVC strip on the back sayinh NCB or summit can I be excused the Hi-Viz vest?
  6. I'm quite cross as well. Would you mind awfully if I came aboard? It is high time we had a good mumble about the Government.
  7. brettarider

    brettarider On ROPs

    Yes no problem shall I reserve you a seat? 1st one behind the driver OK?
  8. Donkey jackets may offend asse's so no can do out im afraid more than my jobs worth guv
  9. brettarider

    brettarider On ROPs

    Oh OK then steel toe caps allowed then? how about some badly inked love/hate tats on your knuckles for the"effect"
  10. More the merrier, at some point I'm going to put everything down in an organised manner, but time is short for me (deploying shortly), so it may take some time....I'll use this thread though for my reference...

    Feel free to post what you think is wrong, why, how to fix it. Keep your points short, and to the point.....who knows, maybe we can affect what needs doing ourselves....That's certainly my intention anyway....

    - S
  11. your tattoos may make others feel intimidated or offended so thier out. steel toecaps are good but you need good rigger gloves to avoid rope burns when we string up the lefty scumbags. Is anybody able to give instruction on the correct lifting technique we dont want to be sued
  12. brettarider

    brettarider On ROPs

    Shite just thought as there will be a bit of demolition has anyone submitted a CDM plan yet?
  13. I think deeper intergration into the EU expanding positive discrimination to ensure the army reflects the society it serves. Also get rid of the royal family and we should use the armys airlift capacity to fly asylum seekers to us avoiding them risking thier lives crossing half the world.

    come on lads who's with us
  14. Operation in two phases - i) government arrested and placed on a ferry which will sail around the Isle of Man until further notice, b) national government with Lord Protector established, with post filled on the anarchist battalion/Greek democracy rotation system.

    [Bagsy I fill the post for the 2008-2025 period, seeing is I proposed it. I'll be firm but fair :) ]
  15. I'm not touching that one with a h&s approved bargepole