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Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by Paymaster, Sep 11, 2011.

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  1. From 1 Apr 12 the TA will come under command of the Fd Army, directly OPCOM their own Bde (ie 6 and 7 SCOTS to 7BDE). When this happens there appears to be no real role for the RF Bdes such as 51x. Considering we have just had AVANTI published which actually uprated some RF Bde posts (COS to be an OF4) does one hand not know what the other is doing?
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    Do you think the name 51 will be kept for history's sake? After all 9 Div was renumbered 51 after 51 was shafted at St Valery.
  3. Current whispers are that the TA will be OPCON the MRBs but still ADMINCON the regional bdes. Cake and arsse.
  4. The current regional brigades that TA units are assigned to do plenty more than just sort out TA so they will continue to exist in some form.
  5. Really? They will be left to look after the Cadets, the UOTCs and part of the RTCs are coming under RMAS, and it does not take a Brig to do that.
  6. We need a massive root and branch transformation of all this, with a clear 'end-state' to work to over a period of years (possibly lots) to do away with the current set ups weak links and self-licking lollypops. This should also include RN, RM and RAF formations to generate a single entity (TRUE PURPLEISATION) where needed but retaining the components. The sum of the whole and all that.
  7. Would anybody actually notice?
  8. They do more than that. One other job I know they do is look after the infrastructure in their area, so all the buildings, contracts (ie. cleaners, caterers, binmen etc..). Sorting all that out is no small task. They probably do other things I don't know about too.
  9. Well I know someone working in one of the Bdes doing that job right now, so this new organisation obviously hasn't taken over yet.
  10. msr

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    Which part of "From 1 Apr 12" don't you understand?
  11. Isn't that April Fools day?
  12. Fair one, I didn't fully read the article.
  13. The obvious solution is to collapse the Regional Bdes as well as the Div HQs and establish a wee "garrison HQ" type organisation to do "local" and rear party stuff, commanded by a "Deputy Bde Comd- Rear" as part of the appropriate Fd Army Bde HQ.- allowing for the fact that a couple of them still need to relocate to the UK from Germany ....and you are right, the left hand does NOT know what the right hand is doing. Our Bde Comd briefed us on likely moves a few months ago and was almost entirely 100% wrong when the actual basing plans were announced.