Change to RBL rulebook ?



I received a letter from my local branch advising of a meeting set up for Tuesday 27th November.
This meeting is for ex-servicemen only to vote on a change to the rulebook.
As we all know, there are some decisions that only ex-servicemen can vote on, but they want that to change the rule book wording so that all members (B,C etc)will be able to vote as well.
Now, i personally believe that this is a good idea. The ex-servicemen membership base is dwindling in my area (London SW County), and this will assist in the survival of a few branches in the area.It's no real drama to me anyway.

I have searched the RBL website, and sent emails last week, but no response back.
I will be not be able to attend the meeting, as i will be away in darkest Somerset for the week, but Intend to vote via a letter.

My question is : Is this unique to my County, or is it Nationwide?




My understanding is that this is driven by the National Conference.
Don't know about my county, I'm a member of St James Branch.

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