Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Jockster915, Aug 11, 2007.

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  1. I have heard that a letter has been doing the rounds stating that those who can go to the Board for the Longer Career next year need not apply as they will be put forward automatically. Likewise this letter, apparently, states that those unsuccessful will be offered an extra 2 years with those successful being offered up to 8 years extra service.

    Can anyone confirm this is now the case. For once I have a vested interest - in the extra 2 years that is!!

  2. Yep, the 2 years will be the bobby prize, all will be considered on a board using ACR's, I have seen this in writting (although I cannot place it at this time) and been told about it by SO2 Sldr SPS MCM Div (as was).


  3. I to have heard this rumour but as yet not been able to put my fingers on it. where do people who are discharged in 09 stand ?, If I did not apply last year or this year will I still be offered the 2 years ?? just wanting to know
  4. I would rather ram hot sticks up my arrse then go past my 22 - 7 to do and cant wait!
  5. Watch out with them hot sticks, heard they can cause a slight inflamation round the brown eye LOL
  6. ROD 2009, nope, I think that it applies to ROD's 2012/2013
  7. Quote from the Versatile Engagement for SPS Branch Frequently asked questions:

    Q. How will the VEng affect soldiers already serving?

    A. Serving soldiers may be selected to transfer to a Long Career (Stage 3) of the VEng and therefore have their service extended to 30 years. All soldiers eligible for the SPS Soldier Employment Board (SEB) in 2008 will be boarded for VEng Stage 3. Those who are successful will be offered conversion to VEng Stage 3 (service to 30 year point). All those unsuccessful will be offered conversion to VEng Stage 2 (service to 24 year point). Those individuals who were unsuccessful at SEB 06 and 07 will be considered for conversion to VEng Stage 2 on a case by case basis, but conversion will not make them eligible for subsequent SEBs. Commanders at all levels should be aware of the provisions of the VEng, as they will be required to offer appropriate career advice to soldiers under their command.

    Q. What if I don’t want to have my service extended?

    A. Soldiers may refuse to have their service extended. However, they do not lose anything by having their service extended and may still give 12 months notice to terminate their service. They do of course benefit from gaining that extra job security early on.

    Hope thet makes it clear!
  8. However, it depends on the soldiers ROD as to when they are boarded :wink: