Change to basic start date


I've recently received a letter from my ACIO indicating a change to my start date. According to the new start date, I would be starting on a Wednesday. Is it normal to start basic mid-week, or could there be a mistake with this date?

In relation to the change, the attestation dates remain unchanged. I thought the attestation took place two weeks prior to basic. According to the new dates, I'll be doing the attestation four months before basic.

I will be calling tomorrow morning, thought I'd also ask here to relief my concerns.


Apparently, 12th November.

Btw, I know I ask some pretty dumb questions on here time to time, and I'm sorry for this, as I'm not normally prone to asking bone questions. With the excitement of getting this far, it seems to be my only outlet until I start.
As I understand it, after you take your attestation you fall under military law, so leaving a four month gap untill you start basic sounds like tempting fate a little. Just make sure you dont break ANY laws after you take your attestation, wich hard to do these days :roll: