Change to Armed Forces Pensions.

Seriously? There are three threads already in the PENSIONS forum. Try conducting a search or you'll have Forastero or one of the other Mods ( or even Jarrod:0) on your arse !!!
Your tints are definitely rose hued.

If you don't get it; they want people to leave without having to give any redundancy payouts.

You can't really be that naive, can you?
Naive I'm not! I would be one of the very many old farts that march onto Downing Street If it would help to preserve the Serviceman Pension rights. I think naive is a bit strong for someone who has been in Civi Street for 17 years, but yes I was very naive when I was demobbed.

Looking in from the outside, I just think its bad order, and I apologise to all ARSSE members who think I'm out of order...

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