Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by big_bad_bill, Apr 26, 2007.

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  1. Ladies, Gents and MDN, some good news on the allowances front.

    Incidental Expenditure (IE). The 3 minute phone call, newspaper and laundry allowance. From 1 May it is a flat rate and not receipted actuals. Good news if overseas, £10 per day!

    Day Subsistance (DS). From 1 May it can be aggregated, ie, if the rate is £22, you could spend £10 on day and £34 the next and still claim the lot. Still need receipts though.

    The only not so good change is that you can only get an advance of 90% of the expected expenditure instead of the previous 100%. Personally, I cannot see this as a major problem because DS is actuals, it is rare for someone to actually need it all. Most take less of an advance to prevent having to pay it back afterwards.

    All this (and more) will be in JSP 752 version 7 at a RAO near you soon. 8)
  2. The annoying thing was that I had just finished giving an allowances brief when I got the email. Oh, how I laughed. :x
  3. Can't wait for the new versoin of JSP!!! 90% advance? I was always under the impression that everthing was 100% up front if required!
  4. Big-Bad,

    Where did you get the info from and why do I have to rely on this medium to keep my clerks up to date? Is this just for BAOR (shows age!) or are even we oats lovers included?
  5. Paymaster, received the directed letter through my funtional chain. Sounds as if there is a link missing in yours. It was exceptionally fast though. If I recall correctly the directed letter was only dated the 26th.

    The strange thing is it is normally you telling us about future changes, not the other way around. :?
  6. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Because that is the way most of the clerks find out whats going on.
  7. Paymaster,

    Finally, there is something that you don't know, i am dismayed, it looks like you are loosing your touch.

  8. Don't be cheeky you whippersnapper, although it's true I am omnipotent, us Calvanists have to remain very 'umble and let others believe that they are good too.
  9. LOL, then please accept my apologies, a sign of a good boss is to let others think they are good at their job.

  10. Big Bad, well it is 1 May and we have still seen no sign of ver7 or these new rules. Can you quote the letter Reference?
  11. Yep, I'll have a look tomorrow, working on the theory that the servers are working on LCSSR.
  12. Letter arived today by email from SPS chain - (after I mentioned to them I'd been reliably informed, etc!!!) will dig out reference in the morning and post on this thread!

  13. The letter is from the Dep Dir Sp Pers Pol Allow SP dated 24 Apr 07.

    I'm still in shock that I appeared to be one of the first to receive this. Usually I'm the one who reads it on here and goes hunting.
  14. I read that two days ago (and didn't understand a word of it....).

    Does that mean that, had I been quicker, I could have pulled one over both the Paymaster and Paywog?

    Damn. Must try harder!

  15. Story of your life then Litotes!