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Hi I only have 1 post and would like to ask a typical Journo question(insert drivvle), can anyone confirm or deny said drivvle?

Hi my mate is joining up and he reckons that soldiers only work 5 days a month and I want you to all agree with me that it's not true.

Hi some cunt in the pub reckons he was the one who shot Osama can you all help me to out him as a walt.

Hi i'm a MMM and i will continue to post even though you all wish I would just fuck off, My son is a mongtard.

Hi I like sheds.

Hi i've got Maddie in the boot.

FFS i'm off.



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My cock is itchy!
My cock is itchy!
Serves you right for driving your Mrs out of her home and away from her kids.

Why not see if one of those 3 slopes at KFC at Solstice want to scratch it for you - five dorra me love you long time solja boy, you wannna go large on that :-D
I thought the kids were back at school.


Hi I'm MMM and I've got Maddie in my shed with my retarded child.

fucking bellend.


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Last night I threw a handful of capers into a fishcake mix. Does this make me a puff?
Some fella who believes in Santa, the Easter bunny and boiled eggs at BBQs.
He also believes he has an IQ higher than his shoe size. Evidence to the contrary is littered across the internet.


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I can run 1 1/2 miles in 2 hours and 35 mins. Can I be a para you fucking hats!

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