Change the Film Title to fit.

Example: The Life and Times of Harold Shipman would be called; 'The Old Dear Hunter'.


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Sibling Rivalry between Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen - "Clash of the Tightens"
Saddam attacking Israel in '91.

Honey I've Scud the Yids.
Afraid im not witty enough to have thought of this one max and paddy''Charlies Anals'' Starring whoever you want!!

"Porn of the Dead" starring dead porn stars, but can't recall any names ...... or whether they were actually in porn, or just slappers.


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The Life and Times of Edward Kennedy - "A Bridge too Far"


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Tony Bliar 'My Time in Office' - Nighmare in Downing Street
The British Dental Association classic training film showing graphic images of the effects of neglected oral hygeine:

The Man with the Swollen Gum
A History of Political Corruption - The Neverending Story

The Dangerous Dogs Act - Pup Fiction

Peter Mandelson's biography - Forrest Gimp

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