Change the army recruitment age limit?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Contrarian, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. Does anybody think that the Army's recruitment upper age limit of 30 should be raised, particularly considering the shortage of new recruits?

    I am 33 and I would join the army tomorrow if I could. I should have joined when I was 18 or 19 but decided to party full-time instead, then university (I don't want to be a Rupert, though).

    Is it accepted wisdom that men over 30 who are new to combat can't cut it in the field? Does it make sense to say that as long as a recruit can display the necessary standards in selection and basic training he should be allowed to join the army?

    Now, of course the British Army would be my first choice but this option appears closed so I am training to undergo selection in the Foreign Legion. Any opinions on the FFL?
  2. Interesting point certainly worth debate - at least in the non 'teeth arms' cant see why not.
    Spare us all the crap about the Foreign Legion - very Walty mitty mate !!!!!!
  3. I am in the same boat as nfy. I am 33 and would go "regular" it I could. I am going TA as it is "possible" that I have skills the army would appreciate.

  4. Regarding Walter Mitty: this feels very real to me and I'm taking it seriously, although maybe Mr Mitty's pernicious fantasies felt very real to him, discuss.

    The Foreign Legion is a realistic option and thousands have done done it, so why not? It's not a glamorous escape as portrayed in the movies. I am under no illusions. I suppose the proof of the pudding will be when I turn up at a recruiting centre. Only then will I be able totally to rebuke the Mittyesque charge. I need a new direction and a new purpose in life and the FL is my only chance to achieve my aims.
  5. Good luck - keep your eye out for Kenneth Willams , Charles Hawtry and Jim Dale - think they all joined the Legion back in the '60s' apparently it was a right 'carry on'
    Failing that you might be able to get associate membership in the British Legion
  6. NYF

    Dude, you can't reasonably expect to come on here and state in a forum viewed by many people in the army and say that you're off to the FFL without expecting some banter!

    If you're serious about it, best of luck. However, one piece of advice which I think you'll find invalauable in whichever military career your pursue . . . lighten up and get a sense of humour! Believe me, the military is built on humour and without it, you'll go nowhere.

    You could say - line cast, bait taken! :wink:
  7. Its the "french" foreign legion.

    What humour can you use over there?
  8. very true
  9. Oh, I don't know - they seemed to like the TV Show "Allo, Allo" . . .

    Hmm . . . ok, point taken :wink:
  10. Why not try the US Army?

    There's a thread about joining them somewhere (perhaps the multinational forum).

    They take recruits up to 42 years old, and they're badly in need of people too. Another major advantage is that they speak English (well sort of).

    Try asking, the worst they can say is no!
  11. I was expecting to get some stick about the FL. Just had a particularly sh*tty, stressful day today. Of course, it's open season, isn't it, when things Froggy are concerned.? Regarding Charles Hawtry and Kenneth Williams, they were bandits weren't they. Don't want to serve with any like that, I'm a deep sleeper. Now, Phil Silvers is a different matter...

    Thanks for the vitriolic feedback,

    Walter Mitty VII.
  12. I had no idea the US took recruits up to 42. Sounds interesting. I shall investigate. Thanks.
  13. Mom's a recruit
    Arizona Daily Star Link

    As Tartan_Terrier says, ask on the multi national board, or email the US Army direct here
  14. If the US doesn't float your boat the Aussies are also recruiting to an older level for non teeth arms at the moment as well.
  15. Struth! Can you imagine the banter/stick if I joined the Aussies? Could be fun. Regarding the US Army, not sure if 'son of a bitch' or 'hooah' would fit into my verbal repertoire. I did, however, contact the US Army recruitment people.

    Before you can apply for the US Army you must either be a US citizen or a Resident Legal Alien. In my case I would need to apply for a green card before I can apply to join the Army. I enquired whether the fact that I would be joining the Army would make getting a green card quicker/more straight forward. The recruiter was unable to verify this.

    Anyone wishing to apply for a green card can follow this link:

    Thanks for the useful advice. Maybe it would be better to be with the Yanks than the Frogs.