Change step

Well, the whole disdain of the armchair warrior thing was a favourite theme of his, and this one seems to be going out of his way to suggest he is really a ruffty tuffty army man.
Of course it is entirely possible that it is another sock, but its hard to believe that there is more than one person capable of Spider's bellendary.
I was thinking that it might have been @wedge35 on another windup.
The winner isn't of much importance, it's the handbag swinging that is.
Have a "Handbagging of the Year" award then.

SPOTY is more about capturing the zeitgeist and shouldn't be dumbed down to a few substance abusers trying to be sweary for a couple of weeks so they can wear the silly hat.

This shit is important.
Fantastic photograph of St Patrick’s Day 2003 in the Kuwait desert.

However is RSM Beattie out of step?

Stand by....Go

( looking forward to all the ineffectual arrsers who indulge in fantastic daydreams of personal triumphs & get all excited by acting tough online)
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Have a like for that.
There is a brilliant irony in a poster who was a bit rubbish at foot drill publishing a pic of someone marching correctly, and getting their assesment of the pic wrong, then issue a correction making the initial question pointless.

Should I now stand by for the internet equivalent of you muttering under your breath in order to make a sarcastic reply ?
Hmmm Bellend!

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