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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by BB51, Nov 7, 2006.

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  1. Guys,

    Is it possible to change my Username without having to re-register? I just want to drop the For-Short and put my last 2 - dont know what I was thinking when I picked my Username, although the BB does stand for something.

    Cheers, BB
  2. Seize the moment BB... Take your chance to vent your spleen, upset the Mods and other enemies of democracy, get booted, wear your O2 Thief medal with pride then log on as a new user....
  3. MDN's changed (as did Cait's) when they took holy orders - up spirits you might say.
  4. cheers guys - but dont want to vent my spleen, just change my name without having to re-register.

  5. Think you should stick with the one you have, keep everyone looking over their shoulders thinking you might be that other infamous BB :D
  6. PM one of the COs - they can do the biz, as they did with me many moons ago. One upon a time I was a Milan Platoon Storeman....Ah! Memories!
  7. I suggest you email admin and request a name change.
  8. who was the infamous BB?
  9. Try this link for starters and follow it through from there. It may scare you!
  10. Can assure all that im not the previous BB. Im the wrong Sex as the set of swingers I have are proof.

    Thanks for the tips I will now try and PM one of the CO's. No Idea how to do that yet but I will try.

  11. Sorry BB - I talk shiite. At the bottom of Good CO's sig block is this:

    Please don't send me PMs - sometimes they'll be in my inbox for weeks! admin @ and you'll get a decent quick repsonse.

    The hammycheesy thingy response above was dead on. So, I shall take myself off for a sound thrashing with a wet copy of the Times.