Change of Use - Connaught Barracks to be an Open Prison

When the Paras moved out of Connaught Barracks in Dover the MOD decided that it no longer needed the old Barracks (although it has kept the quarters - are now providing homes for RGR). It was expected that the site would be sold but Government departments have to offer any sites they're disposing of to other Government departments. In this case the Home Office have said that they want to convert the site into an Open Prison and since the planning permission for a prison and a barracks are the same they don't need to consult anyone!

We really don't want this prison to be in Connaught Barracks. The barracks are opposite the Duke of York Military School. This school is 100% boarding so none of the parents are there every day and many parents are living overseas. We need to use our voice to say how much we do NOT want this change of use to take place.

The Service Families Accommodation is close to the barracks and those Service families living in this patch do not want the prison to be on their doorstep. Most of these families will see their soldier leave for foreign parts both this year and next year. How would you feel if this were you? We need to support our families and fight this proposed prison.

Parents of Duke of York Royal Military School, Dover have already been told what is happening and that the proposed prison is being fought by AG. The residents of the quarters have contacted Army Families Federation who have written to Derek Twigg - Under Secretary of State for Defence. However if you also feel that this change of use should not take place please will you use your voice, either directly to Mr Twigg or Dr Reid or through the Army Families Federation.

See Guardian entry for 20th September.,,1876485,00.html

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