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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by laurencarter, Sep 8, 2008.

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  1. Can you change unit whilst your application is in process with a unit? the unit i have attempted to join are useless. I have done all the paperwork, and my doctor has completed my RG8 form, just waiting for a medical. The whole process has taken over four months, and still not in.
  2. Chances are it is Glasgow that is slow and not your Unit. Can you still turn up at the TAC, don ill fitting overalls and learn stuff?
  3. Actually TA Soldier moves are processed by the "losing" unit now so APC probably aren't too blame (alas).
  4. Lauren why not join the RAF regiment, Ive never been in the RAF and i dont know anything about them. I am however in the TA and i think youd be better off in the RAF.
  5. I don't think she is in yet and is just a bit pee'd off that the security checks etc are taking more than three Months. One of the lads in my last Unit took 11 Months to get cleared but he still turned up each week and stuck with it.
  6. Only 4 months try 12 months dry your fucking eyes princess
  7. Yep 12 months for me, i still tipped up and did training at TAC. Just couldn't go away anywhere. One god thing was the back pay i got, paid for the holiday!
  8. Good god man, don't mention TA pay! If she is getting stressed about SC clearence then she will really throw her teddy out of the pram when her pay gets delayed :)
  9. ah gotcha, I thought she meant transfer application rather than actual application. Must try harder.