Change of trade

Hi all, hopefully a sensible question that someone can help with, I can't get a definite answer from my reserve unit.
I'm a phase 1 trained soldier in a reserve unit. Due to number if issues, delays in course availability and a significant injury on a previous course, I've been told that unless I can commit to a course date of the choosing of my unit then they will discharge me from the Corp as I have taken two years to attempt phase 2 trade training.

I've had all sorts of issues, courses being cancelled, I've not had mandatory pre-course training so struggled at points, but ultimately it's the army's fault that there has not been sufficient training capacity to cope with the number of recruits joining so spent 12 months doing Nav and BCD over and over.

So is there an actual 2 year limit on passing phase 2 as a reservist?
What happens next? I was told I'd remain a trained soldier but have no parent unit but could look to find another one.
How would I go about changing trades? Is that through recruiting and Civica (Christ I hope not) or do I approach the other unit direct?

Thanks for any advice,
You've probably pretty much blown your cover with all that detail so you might as well name the Corps.

May help with the response.

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