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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by jimmyn, Jun 23, 2012.

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  1. I am currently AGC (SPS) i was to cut a long story short i got lied to when joining up. Anyway i have now served 4 years in the AGC and have given it a chance and decided its not for me. I enjoy the green stuff to much and i am keen to deploy again. I want to transfer but not sure to what and would like some ideas.I am sorry if this is the wrong area for this thread.
  2. No comment.
  3. You didn't know what you would be doing 4 years ago when you joined as clerk..sorry Combat Human Resource Specialist...didn't you ever think of asking what you would be doing??? so come on how was you lied to...did you think you were joining as Special Forces, what did you think the job was all about ....regarding transfering at this present time its a bit like Russian Roulette taking the chance whilst 1000's are being made redundant.....up to you.
  4. No i was having a hard time(long story) and was at that point waiting to go RMP. I was told it would be round about another 2months to wait. I asked in the careers office what other options i had and was told go SPS. I could then transfer in training easyly. This turned out to be utter rubbish and i was told that i would have to wait until after training. So yeh i felt pretty lied to to be honest.

    i know the current state of the army there are lots of cuts, however i will end up signing off if i dont and with the SPS looking likly to go Civi in the future i think i am makig a good choice.
  5. If you 'like the green stuff' then look at Infantry or Cavalry. Artillery might be worth a peek also.
    But then, that should be fairly obvious.
  6. Yeh i have thought of all that yeh, my spelling might not show it but i am quite smart and i want a mentaly challenging job.

    I would be intrested in doing artillery forward observer, But i am unsure do you need to go to a normal unit then be selected for it or is it a main trade you can just join?
  7. Anyone who has joined since 6th April 2010 signs a job offer that states they are unable to transfer once in unless the Army needs them to change due to eligability or restructuring, this stays in their P File for the whole of their career. Anyone who tries to transfer now who had't signed the Job offer letter may find as cuts across the board that they are an easy target for RCMO's and MCM Div to say goodbye to. Many of those who tried to rock the boat previously by playing the JPA termination button are finding that they aren't allowed to play the game anymore.......all those applicants who are trying to get into the Army taking a job they don't really want to do thinking of jumping the awaiting allocations lists then let this be a big warning to you.
  8. If there are still Army Job fairs running pop along to the next one in your area and see which options are available. Or speak to your RCMO maybe?