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Discussion in 'REME' started by Vorenjace, Aug 22, 2006.

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  1. [align=justify]Basically I am currently training to be an ammunition technician in the dreaded "Retards Last Chance" and to be honest am sick to the back teeth of it all. I didnt sign up to have my head in books from dawn until dusk!! If I wanted that I'd have gone back to university!! I'm not at all interested in the trade, its not what I expected, and they're making it VERY difficult to move out of it!

    I feel that I need to get out of this pompous, egghead trade and move to something a little bit more hands on, but at the same time interesting and ultimately rewarding.

    The only other career that interests me is Armourer. Therefore I was wondering whether anyone could offer me some advice on this particular trade, on basic prospects in the REME and basically any other comments I might find useful in tackling my current dilemma.

    Many Thanks
  2. If there is a LAD or REME workshop at your unit ask to speak to the Armourer,take a packet of biscuits and have a chat over a brew or two.I'm not an armmourer so I can't say what the manning situation is like,but you'll still have to go to school (several times in your career).If you have an RCMO ask for an interview.
  3. Good advice - especially the bisuits!

    Nothing like first-hand information. I will say though, dont expect the grass to be greener - in fact its a bit bare over here and its got browny-yelloy bits all over it..........

    Still at least we hardly ever get called pompus egg-heads, more often than not its pished up tw@ts............
  4. Get back to work and concentrate on passing out top of your course.
  5. What an outstanding remark.

    Get on with it and stop whinging.....
  6. so what makes you think the REME would want you when you are failing and showing no commitment to a RLC academic course?

    But, if Ammo Tech is the 1st course you have attempted then get some serious counselling from your RCMO before you wildly jump into another Corps thinking the "grass is greener".
  7. I concur
  8. the sensible person in me says," stick at what you are doing, and work hard at doing well on your course" because the benefits of your trade will be much greater in the long run. HOWEVER. it is totally up to you nobody can stop you doing what you want, and if in your heart, job satisfaction is better that long term security (more money + faster promotion = much better pension) go for it! only you can make that decision.
  9. Yeah right! - wake up and smell the coffee!
  10. For f@ck sake we will take any one with 5 GCSEs!!
  11. you would be surprised how easy it is to transfer, they made a big deal about it at a reme roadshow in aldershot (6th july i think it was) because retention is so bad ARMY WIDE. basically you could be in another corps / regt within 8 weeks of your transfer paperwork going in. (that was straight from the horses mouth!.... please dont shoot the messenger!)
  12. Good luck transferring, it's much easier making things go bang than stopping bigger things from doing the same!