Change of RV tomorrow - all read!

Ok, the bike has been secured at Ashtead Taxi Office.

However, the reporter, teams and photographers are RV'ing at the station at 10am.

We need to photo opps with the reporter and press to include the bike. So we will have to get everyone to meet at taxi office.

Cargosales is sorting an emailable map for everyone, but I need ALL contact numberds asap.

I have most of them but if you are aware of anyone going who hasnt made it public, please put it here!

Sorry for last minute change, but it will be worth it.
Moodybitch said:
Dozy do you have final list for tomorrow and any associated mobile numbers

Saturday Daytime - Town Centre

Pies 07810 772 763
Farmboy 07989 583 109
Dozy 07949 299 751
The Kurgen 07872 123 445
Tigs2 ??????
PuD! (Plus 3 oppos.) ??????
owsmik 07957 344 742
SupportSSAFA 07751 074 500
Cargosales 07914 333 764
Fugly ??????

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