Change Of Royal Signals Cap Badge

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by greenmachine, Dec 1, 2006.

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  1. i heard a rumour that they are going to change the cap badge to a bolt of lightning with wings as of april 08 . has anyone else heard of this?
  2. Traditionaly a bolt of lightning was used by Recce regiments, and wings by airborne/airforce. I think someone is winding you up mate
  3. However.......

    According to APP6 (NATO map marking symbology standard - current version is A) a bolt of lightning signifies a comms unit. Can't think of any relevance to wings though.

    I also think it's a wind up though.
  4. Doubt it, but I'm going to start it at my place on monday and see how long it takes to be put on here as the 'definite truth, straight from SOinC'.
  5. Did someone from TCW start this rumour; it sounds about as accurate as their website.
  6. Wings could represent mercuries winged helmet, feet and staff?

    Seriously, the Canadian Signals have two bolts of electricity either side of jimmy, but wouldn't the new signals capbadge be a little too close to the REME one?

    Wind up me thinks. (Or the first step to a purpleised signals branch.)
  7. It is DEFINITELY true
  8. Please be assured - it is not true. But a nice wind up!
  9. Bet that news was like a "Bolt out of the Blue" What does it matter, we all will have no say at the end of the day
  10. Sounds like a wind up. That badge would look suspiciously like the RN radio ops badge - flying bullshit struck by lightning
  11. Is it surrounded with lots of Ones and Zeros??!!
  12. Will they be changing the motto to:
    “Message….What fcuking message?” :D
  13. Are Interflora threatening legal action over breach copyright?
  14. Ladies and gents, its is a rumour service - and on the fishing for a bite scales this is a goodun. Utter bunch of arrse, but well done for your effort.
  15. Can't believe anyone would actually believe that. Oh dear.

    In other news I was reading the dictionary and I noticed the word gullible wasn't in there. Check it out for yourselves I was shocked to say the least.