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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by just_jay, Dec 15, 2007.

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  1. hey all, i am currently in phase 1 training. At the moment i am RLC driver, but i am quite interested in transfering to be CMT. I can not see my self spending the rest of my life driving. I think i would enjoy the CMT on op's(with in reason). but i was wondering when you are not on op's what will be my main role?Also without a biast answer is this a good job change,( i do not have any gcse's.) any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Non deployed, your daily life will consist of...

    painting boxes

    repacking scrim

    sweeping out the bays

    re-counting kit

    and trying to keep an antique fleet roadworthy
  3. I was under the impression that traffic went the other way, start off as cmt fat freddy your common core course and end up in the RLC
  4. Do it...You will probaly end up with your CAT C through the medic route anyway.

    Life can be pretty mundane in any trade when not on OPs so it is better to get a trade that you can take the most from.

    The question to ask is what you want to do when you leave the Army? There is no point in joining a trade that you don't think you will enjoy.

    22 years is a long time and if you really enjoy the Army life then a bad choice of trade will affect your judgment during your career.

    I know when I leave I can walk into a job and earn a respectable wage but also whilst I am in the Army I can gain qualifications and experiences in a lot of areas that will help me better myself for free, unlike my civi counterparts who have to pay a lot of money for courses/career enhancements or have to do a lot of work and time for their employer before they give them a shot at promotion or life changing courses.

  5. Ah but you appear to be in the ODP world which is fecking tedious misery lol
  6. thank you ODP one of the most beneficial post's on this forum. but what will my day to day life consist of.

    i want to do the AACC and go to 3 BDE. is this possible as a medic?
  7. when i get back to my ATR think i shall have a word with platoon commander then :)
  8. I take it you are a medic then?

    My job is far from tedious. If I am in one place for to long yes it does become a bit ground hog day but I am at a field unit and I have kept busy with all manner of things.

    On deployment I get an awesome sense of satisfaction and a lot of respect for what we do but I also know when I have finished in the Army I have guaranteed employment.

    Courses for horses I say and I hope you are happy with your job thegimp.
  9. :D totally

    Many colleagues have gone down the ODP route (Mainly the lure of a qual)
    To a man they all hate it. Not sure why. Most are investigating getting their chits in for the real world and dumping their trade.

    Maybe its because they are all warry green hatted types

    Definitely horses for courses
  10. ODP is great in the Army, fantastic people, great laughs, close knit, banter, the underwear, voltoral supposatories etc but work at a MDHU and you see that the civvie ODPs get stiffed by the scrubbers.

    Not saying Ill never go back to it but Im quite enjoying the job Im doing at the moment, after 23 years a change is as good as a rest.

    J-J, have a really good think about the other trades in the AMS before you decide on going CMT, they are the backbone of the RAMC and the main feeder trade for the clinical trades but it is in a world of hollow promises about their future and the quals that will be available 'next year'.
  11. cheerz filbert, i have no gcse's i am using CMT as a stepping stone to get onto a potentially good career path, i fully intend to serve out my 22 years so getting quals should be possible. but i have much more prospectus as a CMT then i do as a driver.
  12. I think you will be happier as a CMT. Yes the job as a CMT can be boring at times but you will get your CAT C in the CMT role and when you are doing your job for real you will get a lot more satisfaction.

    You can get your GCSEs in any job and you can develop as much as you want, just don't get caught up in the bitching and sitting in your room playing the XBOX. It is up to you to source the courses and quals you want. If your unit won't let you do these courses do them in your own time.

    I transferred from a very mundane trade and it was all my own doing. No one helped me to transfer, they just pushed paper from one desk to another.

    People say the ODP trade is boring but I suggest next time you are on ops you come and visit us in A&E and theatres. The people who usually come into theatres whilst we are working are left slack jawed and gain a respect for what we do.

  13. so true, loved going on tour, it is a fantastic job, never a dull moment.