Change of Job Choice

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Soozi, Oct 17, 2007.

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  1. Hi, I'm just wondering how easy it is to change your final job choice once you have past selection?

    I know I've read a similar topic on here in the past, but can't find it. Can you change once you've started basic, or is it best to do it before you begin? (Presuming its possible).

    I had a hard time choosing between my first two choices, and now, I'm feeling that I have made a bad decision.

    Any ideas guys? Thanks.
  2. soozi what you wanting to do now?
  3. Student nurse.

    I see you've embraced the avatars whole heartedly!!! Hahhaa!
  4. you can change you let them know when you get there i have heard of people changing.
  5. Really? So I could still take same basic date? The problem is, that there is a specialist interview for student nursing, so I don't know whether its that straight forward or not!
  6. lol wanted to put my own pic on but couldnt do it!

    so what do you do for student nurse? do you need to do more test for that if so i'd get to the career office soon if you want to keep the same date you've been given.
    I'd go with your gut feeling and also which do you think you'd enjoy more.
    Let us know which you choose
  7. you have to do whats needed before basic
  8. but then again you might still be able to change at basic i have heard of it happening.
  9. It would make sense to get it sorted sooner rather than later I suppose!

  10. Triple post. Wawawoowa! :p

    Do what you please.. but what was your job choice before you changed your mind again?
  11. good luck and let me know how it goes so i know if someone is going to be there that i've met....
  12. What do you mean triple post?

    I am currently down for CMT.
  13. Go for it, in my opinion. Triple post = three in a row from Mrs ;)

    CMT is the best of both worlds really, Combatting and medical
  14. Don't worry M_S, I'll let you know what I end up with!
  15. you can change up until your ADSC interview. i changed about 10 times and changed at the adsc interview to my current and final choice.

    you probably wont get the same basic date though, because its not phase 1 places that are the issue but phase 2. you cant do phase 1 then sit at home for two months until your phase 2.

    also, i dont think changing in basic is a common thing and more of an emergency thing, like you realise you fucked up big time and dont like the sight of blood so a CMT is the wrong trade for you.