Change of Job Choice

Hi Guys,

I wonder whether or not somebody can advise me on how I can change my 3rd job choice bearing in kind that I 'am off to ADSC next week, is it too late????
I wouldnt worry about it at all.

When you got to selection we are only processing you for your first job choice, the reason we ask for 3 job choices is just in case you fail whilst going for your first choice, they can offer you something that you were at least showing an interest in ;)

I have sent plenty of people to selection with only one job choice and even when on the rare occassion we have sent someone that failed for that single job choice, ADSC still have the capability to offer you what is available based on your selection result :)
Thanks Five,

My first choice in Petroleum Operator, in your recruiting experience would you think that providing I achieve the required grading, this is a job which would be offered?

Also, when the above job was suggested at my AFCO, it was mentioned thgat it comes with a £3000 Golden Hello, is this the case?
It is a trade that they are short of at the moment so there should be no problem getting it, as for the Golden Hello, having looked at the list Pet OP is not on it, so therefore the answer is a firm no :)
Just ask to change, it is your career and you cannot be forced into anything you do not want to do, as long as you meet the selection criteria then it is fine :)

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