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Discussion in 'REME' started by bipolar, Nov 28, 2008.

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  1. Whilst no wishing to appear alarmist or old fashioned, am I the only one who is a mite confused as the the role of the REME nowadays. I give you a few observations.
    1. REME Bns appear to be doing particularly poorly on G4 Insp of late (ECI,LSI etc). This is usually met with a shrug of the shoulders and the we are too busy excuse.
    Sorry but are they not supposed to be the shining light G4 gurus within Bdes. If they cannot get it right why should 1st line bust a gut. Maybe they will be refocussed following the demise of the CO 19 CSS.

    2. This business of sideloading tasks that have no training value. It would appear that the vast majority of work submitted to 2nd line is routinely sideloaded to DSG/Civ Wksps and NOT retained or offered around for trg value.Production at 2nd line is a farce with the consequence that tradesmen deploying on Ops have no experience or street cred. FEPS is a prime example, minimal experience on a vital Ops eqpt.

    3. The Fitter Section mit Tiffy used to be an integral part of a Coy/Sqn. How can you instill that cornerstone of Equipment Care, namely 'Ownership' when you only carry out tasks that have trg value and get some stranger to do the routine stuff.
  2. I think the louder you shout the more they press their hands to their ears. I used to go on about this about 4-5 years ago, no-one listened then either.
  3. All in agreement say "aye".

  4. I take it you have had one first line post and are now in a Bn!

    I'm not a clairvoyant just looking into your previous post.

    A few years ago i would have agreed, however, things change and ways of working move on.

    REME has had to change drastically along with the rest of the Army to the challenges (money and resources) and sustained commitments we now face. It is by no means an easy task.

    You may sit in your section and wonder what is happening - change is occuring and you need to get with the program. There is no easy fix to make 'things like they used to be'. Senior people have to make decisions for the overall good that may not seem like common sense, however, they have the 'bigger picture' you do not.

    P.S. I am not DEME(A)
  5. Hi Tiffys-r-us,

    Maybe the Corps leadership should work on getting the message out to the troops then. If the workers don't know what the bosses are trying to achieve, then how can they help?

    Of course the cynic in me still thinks that the bosses don't have a clue what they are trying to achieve and therefore are unable to pass the message on....
  6. So you are saying we have to change how we do business because we cant AFFORD to do it properly?

    Change always occurs, I think all I am saying is that people are now seeing skill fade quite a lot.
    Yes they may have a "bigger picture" sometimes though you cannot see the wood for the trees......
  7. Now now young man
    Sounds like you are still bursting with that up to the minute knowledge acrued at the REME Arms School at the end of your Tiffy Cse. You never know, you may have an original thought yourself someday.
    What bigger picture do you need. It would seem perfectly reasonable to expect tradesmen deploying on Ops to have some knowledge of the equipment they may be supporting. It is a common thread from seniors returning from Ops to state that the learning curve for tradesman some of whom not so junior, was mightely steep. Some indeed fall at the first and never recover.
    This is or should be Core business for REME.
  8. I read it in a different forum, changed when you got renamed from workshops to battalions

    You should be spannering not grunting fellas
  9. Spannering not grunting.

    At 1st line I feel that we as a Corps are still spannering. At 2nd line REME Battalions we do not seem to know what we are there to do.

    In Rheindaheln a few years ago the DEME(A) of the day told all the OC LADs, ASMs and Artificers the following:

    If a CO sees a crack down the wall in his office, he cannot ask the Royal Engineers to sort it - Then we should not be fixing his (The CO's) vehicles when they break down.

    The Defence Estates/DHE etc are in place to sort out structural problems, so I asked him who was in place to repair the vehicles/equipment.

    He ignored me as our role at the time (and still is) was to keep fit equipment in the hands of the troops.

    ONE MAN HAD A VISION FOR THE FUTURE OF THE CORPS - We now need to tell the rest of the Army that we no longer keep fit equipment in the hands of the troops unless it has training value. Let's be upfront and tell the rest of the Army and see what they think about it.

    ONE MAN HAD A VISION - he was in the right place to influence the Corps policy makers. Nobody has had the guts to revisit this vision.

    With the procurement strategy of 1st to 4th and Contractor Logistic Support, 2nd Line REME's days are numbered. We need to protect the 7 Lt Col Commands that we have at 2nd Line (for the future of our DE Officers) and we should be looking for meaningful Equipment Support activities for the future. Maybe we should move REME 2nd Line to Ashchurch and Monchengladbach to look after the 75% of Army Equipment that is envisaged to be placed there.

    We maybe need to re-focus and offer this ES capability before the likes of ABRO compete for this and we lose the Lt Col Command appointments for good.
  10. I have heard so much bollox in relation to this term it is unbelievable. What I can certainly say id that it is the get out clause to triumph above all other get out clauses, followed closely by the term "oversight". Dunno how it applies to serving soldiers but it is one of the more popular phrases in civvy life as a euphemism when things are going down the toilet.
  11. CO@E, totally agree, but the RLC won't :D Should REME move into TFSU(G) and Ashchurch, then maybe all eqpt could be brought through periodically and refurbished, brought up to current Modification standards and re-issued to ops or units that are training for ops so they have the latest standard of very fit equipment (spookily enough this is exactly what the WFM personnel saw happening in Luxemborg for the americans during the early days of TFSU(G) and recommended but DEME(A) rubbished the recommendation).

    Unfortunately it won't happen as JHQ will close, thereby losing the ability to house & support the troops & families and Ashchurch has only limited (shi1t) housing & no welfare support to speak of.

    This could of course be prime contractor business with limited scope for the green machine, but it would release an awful lot of tradesmen/women to work at 1st line "keeping fit equipment in the hands of the abuser" :D
  12. Ref my last post, just think of the Lean lines that could be produced :D
  13. bipolar, this links to my earlier post of repairing from basics. To knowingly send guys into the field inadequately trained is diabolical. The FEPS situation completely sums it all up, because we have been contracting this piece of kit since the start we are now paying the price.

    We are no longer living in a world where tanks are battle winners. The smaller stuff as you have so rightly identified has become critical.

    I firmly believe that we as an engineering corps should be allowed to conduct in house training. Why can't we train the Tiffies to be able to train his troops ( I know I've opened both myself and all Tiffies for a world of abuse by saying this). This would ensure they are the "corner stone" Obviously to do this we need to get our hands on the kit but more importantly change the Tiffy course in order to provide this level of training.

    Please appreciate however that the Bns are stretched the same as the rest of us. I'm not part of a Bn but have to deal with the second order affects daily. I've been pulling my hair out for quite some time.

    P.S DSG will willingly take some of your guys for training value if you have any going spare. Just offer them up, sorry I forgot we're all too busy.
  14. I have to say, anytime I visit a Bn handing over kit requiring repairs I start getting a little depressed walking around the place. So many people doing random crap jobs just to keep them busy.
  15. Unless the theatre requirement changes REME will be tasked to retrieve "dead" vehicles and be repaired by RLC - change tyres and lightbulbs OR scrap in the corner.

    Reme will inspect and or repair vhicles/equipment GOING to theatre.

    If recce mechs die in large numbers, recovery will also stop.
    The risskies came to the same conclusion after loosing housands of troops/reme.

    Happy days. And who needs a reme tiffy???? which says "who needs reme"

    If there is no need/possibilty to "repair" a vehicle in theatre then reme are not needed.

    Much crap is not reported as to how uk forces in afgan are supplied.

    the local truck (mostly paki) drivers and NOT NATO/SEPTIC/BRIT transport deliver the FOOD/WEAPONS/VEHICLES in afgan?????????????????????????.

    Under the present and "future" military requirements REME are not needed.

    You could possible offer job options to people in wales were they would work "iN SANDY PLACES" FOR THE MINIMUM WAGE.