Change of Corps/Arms?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by PRG, Feb 17, 2011.

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  1. PRG


    Does anyone know if your allowed to change from infantry to artillery in the TA?


  2. Yes, you can you should be able to get the paperwork from your Coy AO/clerk, I have forgotten the form number, but you will need to complete the first part then the new gaining unit RA complete the second part gets lost in the post between you old / new unit and Glasgow, then Re fill out form resend it etc. (Not that I have done a transfer but you know that happens)!

  3. PRG


    Thanks STILTS
  4. As mentioned pretty straight forward. Only real problems if your hoping to keep rank, in that case it's possible but you may be expected to drop a rank or if you keep it - get qualfied within a two year time frame
  5. Arrange yourself an interview with the RA Regt and explain you want to transfer, let your current Inf unit know and they should prep the paperwork for you. The form is an AFE 7547 Application for Transfer.