Change of civilian Grade 4 at APC

I believe a certain 'Key' post has recently changed and a Mizz has changed to a Mr . Does this mean that I may actually get a posting that I put down on my dreamsheet? - or not? - cos im sure she singled me out for a lifetime of sh1te postings
Not as shite as mine mate!
Praise be to god! all those hours torturing my voodoo doll of her were not in vain.

On a related subject, I got talking to a longlook chap about it all.

Did you know that in the Int Corps down under, they actually have individual 'career managers'? So when your coming up to posting time, they visit you, and discuss where you want to go next.

He said that it is very rare for a posting to be forced on an individual who really doesn’t want to go there.

How ridiculous I thought! The notion that Units work better if they are filled with people who want to be there. No wonder we transported them.

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