change of appearance.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ordinaryforces, Aug 9, 2008.

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  1. Just to give you a starter clue my first four was 2405, Right..I could still fit into my old uniform and have still got all my hair and teeth, in saying that I don't recognise the guy in the shaving mirror. How many of you once past thirty or leaving the army can say the same. I bet you are all Phil Mitchell lookalikes and Gregg's munchers, Go on admit the changes and get it of you fat fookers :lol:
  2. 2405? old fooker, and your calling us?

    Phil Mitchell would be a fair description, I was 15 1/2st when I left, and now 17 st, but my height does carry it well :)
  3. Excuse my civvy ignorance but here goes anyway. I assume the first four (maybe wrongly) are the first four numbers of your service number. My son has 2520 as his first four of his number - hopefully someone will explain if its not too boring for them
  4. First four 2474. 2" added to the waist band and still have the same style haircut as when I joined, but all over now and still have the same teeth I joined with (2 crowns included), mind now have a few more lines on the fissog compared to when I was 23.
  5. That's a bit unfair. When you got your uniform, you could probably fit three people in it - baggy was the fashion in those days.

    You don't say where you've got your hair and teeth, either.

    Past 30? You're coming up to 60, you old fart. And that's not a shaving mirror. That's a photo of your Dad.

    Alzheimers :!:
  6. I did'nt say I was thirty I was using that as the point when most people statrt changing....Haruuumph todays whippersnappers :D
  7. My first four were 2432 (1973) then 5034(1977), I could still fit into my service dress and mess kit until three years ago. Sadly they seem to have shrunk somewhat in the wardrobe since then.
  8. I have been out for 15 yrs now but I could still fit in my uniform :D

    No matter what I eat or drink I cannot put weight on - - fatties out there read and weep :D
  9. your evil and god will punish you ...what are teeth and im a little 'Pat Butcher' in more ways than one :oops:
  10. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Yes, first four numbers of the service number. It fairly accurately (but not always) give an indication of when you joined.

    Not so much nowadays since everyone starts with a 300 number.
  11. haha Halo.. I was also a good footballer and they put me on a special diet to build up upper body strength..6 months later absolutely nothing apart from my fitness had improved due to the bonus "physical training" i got.

    One bad thing is though, I got pnuemonia and spent 2 weeks in a med centre in Germany... and came out looking like an Auswitsch victim :D due to lack of eating
  12. I can hardly contain my indifference. :roll: