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Change in Separated Family Entitlement to the MRS / PHC


War Hero
Ok here are my questions for anyone who can shed some light on the matter.

A few years ago i was serving in a garrison location and the wife and i seeing the future career vs family debate decided to settle down. We purchased our house and i did a stint of the usual 2 years unaccompanied and am now living at home but serving at another location 40 miles away. My wife and children had been using the med centre when we lived on the patch and as our new place was within 5 miles (2.5 as the crow flies or 3.6 by car) were told they were entitled to continue using the med centre.

I have got back today to find a letter from them saying that there had been a change in 'Medical liability insurance' and that the spouses of separated serving personnel were now only entitled to 90 days use of the MRS if they live within 2 miles. However dependant children under 18 are still entitled to use the facilities. They have given my wife 14 days to find another local doctor.

So without developing into a debate on money saving etc could someone shed some light on the following;

1. Could someone give me the mil ref / DIN / JSP that details this change in entitlement.

2. Confirm that my kids can continue to be treated at the MRS (one has a life long genetic condition which the permanent doctor he sees understands the case history of and background)

3. Confirm what i could do to challenge this - or is it just a case of drying my eyes and getting on with it.

Thanks in advance

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