Change in Rules for Common Wealth applicants

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by TheRealOnePM, Jun 24, 2013.

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  1. Hi

    I started my application sometime last year, and in March this year I recieved a letter in the post advising me to travel to the UK for assesments. The letter said I needed to present myself before June which I did. I was then told to do an online medical, test and job finder interview which I did. I told to wait for my one on one interview and my physical assesment.

    Today I went into my recruitment office just to pick up some information I might need in the interview, I was told by the officers there that the process had changed for common wealth citizens, I could no longer apply because I have not been in Britain for the past five years. Is this true? Could have they not known this before advising me to travel to the UK? Is this applicable to me as I'm already halfway with my app?

  2. Which Commonwealth Country are you from?
  3. I'm from South Africa
  4. Hi Jack
    That doesn't speak about any changes in Common Wealth Citizens being able to join or not. That's just a change in Visa applications.
  5. Hmm you could try the army live chat on the website

    or army jobs on facebook normally pretty helpful
  6. I have seen that yes haha
  7. Haha I've contacted the army website the bloke I spoke to said there's no such thing (yet). I'm waiting for a response from The Rifles Facebook page.
  8. Thats what all the other ******* do

    then they just sit on our benefit and get our nhs health care
  9. Hi TheRealonePM. The situation you describe doesn't sound right. You'll already be aware that there has been a major change in the recruiting system, which might have contributed to someone getting it wrong.

    Immigration rules etc can be complicated, but this is the basic information which the Army is still showing to potential applicants from overseas:

    Joining from overseas - British Army Website
  10. I've spoken to two officers from the website and none of them seem to know anything about this. If somehow my rec office got it wrong I really feel for the fellow from Newzealand who was on the verge of tears. Looked like he had no plans to see the sun set tonight. Tomorrow I'll go to a different rec office to verify.
  11. The Army website says certain roles may need to have a time of residence in the UK before they can join.
    I think this has just changed recently.
  12. Yeah I think it's now worded differently, but all the forms on download library are still the same. I will give Capita a ring to see if they know anything.
  13. Chaps, this is your only warning, any more rubbish out commonwealth recruits claiming benefits etc will result in a spot of bannage.

    Grow up.
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