change from RE to REME????

Discussion in 'REME' started by JstJake, Mar 17, 2007.

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  1. i'm currently in week 11 of basic training, just done my visit to minley (combat engineering) and have confirmed what I was thinking for awhile, ie...this isn't right for me!!!!!!

    my second job choice after geo tech was electronics tech, my dad was an electronic tech in the raf, i've done a few months on electronics at college and probabally should have chose this, however now i've joined as an engineer, do you think I should ask for a corps change and if i do whats the chances of actually getting it?

    cheers for any advice! much appreciated
  2. Oh have a word with yourself will you
  3. I'd suggest you,d be told to remain where you are as they might view it as a knee jerk reaction. Unless things have changed and the RE are desperate to retain its men youll be told to consolodate your position and give it at least a cpl of years.
    All the best


  4. I know a few lads that have changed Corps. It is do-able but i'm not too sure about changing mid-phase 2. I would speak to your troop commander, we've had a lad go to Bordon from our Engr Wksp here and that went through smoothly, although he'd done a bit of time out in the field army and wasn't keen on the restrictions placed on him at phase 2, i.e. curfews guards manpower etc.

    If you are desperate to get away, speak to your troopy via your Sgt, but be sure that it isn't for you and you are doing the right thing.

    The Engineer lads here are alright, but if you are smarter than your average sapper...welcome aboard.

    Now i'm off to start a thread on Tech Spankers!!
  5. As Ex RE I found it went pretty smoothly to get in the REME. Then again, in the 80's, people were jumping ship left, right and centre. Had a couple of guys "accepted" recently, but in reality they were only given the nod for release and were not "Accepted " (Inter Service).

    Off to support a thread on Tech Spankers.
  6. Go for it if you don't really want to be a Sapper. The best thing to do is go and request an interview with your SPSO who will then find out exactly what will happen and what you need to do to re-trade. He will work on your case as a one off and not treat you as being the same as anyone else ie you have different skills to the next bloke and have something different to offer the Corps.
    The SPSO should then contact the REME SPSO who will give him the info on what you need to do and what quals you must have to come over to our fine Corps.
    Having been at one of the REME trade schools recently there have been lots of people both jumping from the Corps and into the Corps. The important thing is that you come to the REME because you want to and you have to the correct exam results.

    Hope it works.
  7. I'm not even in phase two yet, just doing the cms(r) at lichfield, I spoke to my corpral who told me i'd have to daor, then rejoin in a years time if I want to join REME, tough decision- but I know I'll make a better elec tech than engineer, so i'll see how it goes, maybe he was bluffing, I'll tell you how it goes...cheers for the advice.
  8. badj - i think he's talking b*llocks. Speak to your troop commander, he/she should be able to set you straight.
  9. You are having a laugh aren't you?
  10. Garbage!

    The earlier contributor was correct; see your Troopie, ask for an interview with the SPSO and present your case. BUT, do your research first before you jump ship.... REME is academically tough. How is your maths and science? Are you content to spend the next 18-24 months in the classroom?