Change Feckin Change!

The clocks on the right handside should be in increasing order surely? Baghdad before Kabul.

Also.....where's my avatar?!?! FFS!! Harumppphh
Aren't we getting Avatar's? BUGGER! No last 50 post's or My Post's! Or am I looking in the wrong place?
wonder if the swear filter is on
vagina vagina procreate breasticles fiddling bottom yucky bits

edited so as not to be such a lady part
Fucks sake! I've had to do some bloody work today as I couldn't log on due to teething problems with the new site. Looks very pretty, but I've no idea how it works........yet.

Edited to add.
Some cunts nicked my gold medal and the one with oak leaf and replaced them with tin. One is not amused. Harumph!
I must say that it's an outrage that I had to do some work today due to technical issues on this site.

Edited to add - do "senior members" get bus passes and sunday roasts, helpfully cut up by nurses? And why the bloody obsession with furling, technocrati and diggin' etc? Shurely those in Sandy Places will still be too busy to access such technological marvels?
threads are going to get very very very long if it is just 15 posts to a page. seconded on being a narcissistic whore wanting to see "my posts"

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