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Hi my chosen cap badge at the moment is with the Royal Engineers as a "Bricky". I have already passed selection and start phase one in March 08. If i tryed could i still change my role as "bricky" to somthing eles? Would i have to contact my recruiter or somebody eles. Or would i have to do selection. Or would they think im wasting there time? If possible i would change it to "MILITARY ENGINEER DRIVER" or "MILITARY ENGINEER (PLANT OPERATOR MECHANIC" sorry about caps i copyed and pasted from the army jobs website.

Have you signed your docs yet? Was it the ADSC who gave you that date or your recruiter? When i signed my docs and did the oath, i was given a chance to change my mind, also most corps will give you the choice to change trade at the end of the CMS(R), i know the Artillery and Logistics do, i would think the RE do aswell.


If you have not stareted basic training yet, then I would suggest that it is no too late. Speak to the recruiting officer and tell them that you would like to change trades, I can't see it being too much of an issue.

Alternatively concentrate on passing phase 1 training and then mention your desire to change trades, the Army is so overstreached that they will not want to let you go now that they have recruited you, the should happily allow the change of trades without too much fuss.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do, but remember, if you don't ask, you won't get!

My mates in Basic Trg at the moment in Bassingbourn,
He had the choice to change cap badges to the RE from his first choice.
Dont think you'll have much problem changing, i'd just wait till basic.
Speak to your Recruiter as you have already been told by T_M but its not as straight forward as the Recruiter being able to offer you the job. It will make things easier if the driver/operator was your 2nd or 3rd preference at ADSC. Your Recruiter will firstly have to check if there are still any places left for Driver operator as you wont be able to start phase 1 if no phase2 places available. If places are available he'll speak to the PSO who interveiwed you it should be ok with it but you might have to give answers why you suddenly want to change so soon after recruit selection.
If thats okeyed he then will have to speak to allocations to alter your records so your contract can be ammended, you may get a different date.

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