Chances reserves getting called up for public disorder?

I hope so, I can’t wait to leather a whole group of feral untermensch without the risk of arrest. Black shit trainers, grey tracksuit trousers, black puffa jacket and a **** baseball cap, always accompanied with the tiny cross strap shoulder bag. Just like every Albanian I’ve ever detained
i'm not going to do your site searching for you,you can look for yourself, the tools are at your disposal.
As I am working from home and, therefore, have nothing better to do I went back through your posts to see if you 'predicted' anything. You didn't - you did reference a website to track the spread of the virsus but you didn't make any informed observations or predictions.

I did notice, though, that you have an unhealthy interest in Islam, paedophilia, police states and tin-foil-hatism
A friend of mine's son is in the PWRR TA and has just received notice that he may be called up for a year...