Chances of tours as an electronics/avionics technician

Afternoon all, jus a quick question for anyone who can help. I'v been reading an article on the bbc website saying since the conflict began there has been 75000 soldiers sent to afghanistan. Theres a statement from an army official saying that new recruits must expect to be deployed out there after training. Obviously its difficult to say because nobody knows how long its going to go on for but in your opinion would this be true for electronics/avionics technicians takin in to account how long it takes to get trained up. Would they require many avionics technicians out there if the fighting died down? Cheers WSP
As long as aviation assets are out there, Avionics technicians will be required. Bank on getting six months out there within your first year in the field force. If that turns out not to be the case, consider yourself lucky/unlucky (depending on your point of view).

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