Chances of start date being changed

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by andrewb19, Jul 25, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    I just passed selection at Pirbright and I've received my start date for basic, which is in months time. Got to do the oath of allegiance, etc in two weeks.

    What are the chances of my start date being changed between now and starting?

    Is it quite common/does it happen?

    I'm just about to hand in my notice at work.

    P.S. Anyone start at Pirbright on 1st September?
  2. Chances of it being changed are just about possible but not very likely. You have filled the place, unless YOUR circumstaces change, or someone drops out of an earlier intake, which you ask to be moved to and are sucessful, then you're good to go, or if one is overbooked.
  3. Ignore the post above mate as i passed selection on june 3rd got my date a week later i was due to start training on the 18th august got my joining instructions and everything but got a call on monday telling me that that intake was overbooked and pirbright is pretty choca at the moment so your now due to start on the 8th september hope it all goes well for you mate and hope it doesnt change. :)
  4. Ring them and ask. Can't hurt.
  5. Things are always changing in the Army, i was put back a month for my CIC, it just happens.
  6. I phrased it wrong, edited.
  7. I hope mine doesn't get changed. I've seen start dates as late as January next year :(
  8. Im on the 1st of September intake for RA. I did my selection in Feb but had a holiday booked in June so asked to go in just after my holiday, but the earliest they could get me in was 01/09